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  1. Sorry if this has already been asked. I searched but couldn't find any answer. Is it possible to create a read-only key so that btsync only sends changes from the Debian box to a Mac and not the other way around?
  2. Just venting. Tired of !sync files that just sit there. No idea what .Conflict files are. And lost a bunch of files -- I have to trawl through backups. I can't remember a more dangerous piece of software.
  3. Put me down for: selective syncingconfigurable following of symlinks
  4. When I was first installing btsync on Debian, this would happen when there was an error in the configuration file. Look for logs in /var/log/user.log You might get an error like this:
  5. You just need to edit your config file and include something like this: // DAEMON_UID=regular_user // DAEMON_UMASK=0022 Yes, you actually put those settings inside comments (which I find very weird).
  6. Bug fix for /etc/init.d/btsync : I'm trying to figure out why btsync isn't starting for me. But the start_btsync() function is not detecting the error properly. A "sleep 1" is needed before "unit test_running". The problem is btsync starts for a bit then stops for some reason. And there's no error.
  7. Thanks for maintaing this. Question: how do I do set a read-only key (so that the Debian side backs up to the non-Debian side)? I didn't see any such configuration in the sample.
  8. +1 Would love to give backup space to my friends and family. I just wanted to add that there is precedent for this in existing backup solutions: Time Machine lets you encrypt to Time Capsule (or other server) CrashPlan lets you add a password as well when backing up to friends. (By the way, CrashPlan has a nice restore feature called Guest Restore where you can enter a password to decrypt and access specific files from the target computer)
  9. Sure, inconvenient for me. But dangerous to the many users out there who are or will be using btsync, don't know anything about .SyncIgnore, and won't bother to do a directory comparison to realize what I realized: that their Icons folders are not being synced. I fear for others, not myself.
  10. Sometimes files are skipped because there are errors; e.g., I got errors because of a bad timestamp for some reason (and other files were skipped because the permissions were set to unreadable somehow). But there was no way for me to know about the error unless I browsed through the history each time. It would be nice if, just like Google Drive, there were a badge on the btsync icon indicating that there are files that are unsyncable.
  11. Sometimes you end up with files or folders with no read permissions (----------). This happens, for example, when copying files/folders from Windows filesystems to Mac filesystems. The problem is that BTsync silently skips over these, which is dangerous. There should be a line in the History that says "Skipped ... because unreadable."
  12. This is my first time syncing. I had 20GB, 250K files. I compared the two directories after syncing and I noticed that my Icons directories were not being synced. It took me a while to figure it out that this is due to .SyncIgnore including Icon? by default on OS X. I assume that this is to exclude the special file Icon\r on Mac (http://superuser.com...on-os-x-desktop). This is obviously too dangerous, as Icons is a perfectly innocent and common folder name and such files/folders are skipped silently. Until the \r character can be specified in SyncIgnore, it would be best to completely leave out that Icon? line from .SyncIgnore