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  1. Moved from btsync to Cloud Station - a few weeks ago. It works without any issues for me. Very happy with the move.
  2. @RomanZ - thank you. I will re-sync my folders and let you know. Is 1.4.83 beta still latest build for Synology? I have a DS213+ and a DS1513+. The DS213+ is popping up a message that says there is a newer version available but links to this site: http://www.bittorrent.com/sync/download
  3. Any updates on btsync working again? I have discontinued use with all the troubles I had with 1.4. Was going from synology to synology. Thanks
  4. Same problem here - also on Synology. Any alternatives? Anyone using cloud station client?
  5. Also having issues adding folders through SynoCommunity package,