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  1. Moved from btsync to Cloud Station - a few weeks ago. It works without any issues for me. Very happy with the move.
  2. @RomanZ - thank you. I will re-sync my folders and let you know. Is 1.4.83 beta still latest build for Synology? I have a DS213+ and a DS1513+. The DS213+ is popping up a message that says there is a newer version available but links to this site: http://www.bittorrent.com/sync/download
  3. Any updates on btsync working again? I have discontinued use with all the troubles I had with 1.4. Was going from synology to synology. Thanks
  4. Same problem here - also on Synology. Any alternatives? Anyone using cloud station client?
  5. Wondering if this issue has been resolved. Any updates? Thank you.
  6. Also having issues adding folders through SynoCommunity package,
  7. Problem Solved for me by:. Uninstalling then re-installing. Remembered user and pass Created rule for port 8888 on the DS under firewall settings. Then I was able to login and add folders. Hope this helps.
  8. Problem Solved... Uninstalled then re-installed. Remembered user and pass Created rule for port 8888 on the DS. Voila! Thank you
  9. Having same problem - thank you.
  10. I apologize for my lack of knoweledge here... 2 Issues: 1) Logging in to BTsync and 2) adding folders. Installed fine through Synocommunity package - and updated on both DS213+ and DS1513+ to 1.2.82-1 Originally I couldn't login through port 8888 with Chrome but remember that it worked in IE. Once I could log in then I had trouble adding a folder. I tried to create a directory then add it by name, then I tried the path //volume1/sync. Neither worked. Now IE and Chrome prompt for user/pass but it says page can't be displayed.