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  1. want to just bump the thread up again. Zypper still not working.
  2. How can i change from the unoffical to the official package, and keep my configuration?
  3. Hi. I would like to sync my raspberry pi with my ubuntu Laptop. For this task i would want to create a ssh tunnel from the ubuntu laptop to the pi. How could i do that, my bittorrent sync traffic would go through this tunnel and start finding my pi as a device? I could also use a vpn, but i would appreciate to use the ssh method. Thanks
  4. I am also affected by his findings. Would like to get an easy to implement answer. Or how to generate an API key
  5. I can confirm this bug, but you need to clarify it. The only folder, i am able to sync on my galaxy s4 is the one in: sdcard/extsdcard/Android/data/**bittorrentsyncappfolder***/files/ and here i can create my synced folders. It is in fact a problem. The app has no rights to create a folder an any other location. And even if i move the created folder to the root of the sdcard, i am not able to sync it.