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  1. I agree, installed it on one system, and will not update it on any of my other systems.
  2. Since the windows version allows for the developer API, it would be so beneficial to be able to have a Web GUI for a windows version of BTSync. Having to RDC in every time to add a sync, or remove, or check on the status is such a pain.
  3. I still have the bad ShareID (STATE_BEGIN) error message, and I am not sure why. I am running on 1.3.87 on Windows.
  4. Thanks for not actually answering the question. The link you provided still does not provide the answer. Let me rephrase the question to help you better understand I guess. Why is the limit set to 50? would make sense that it would be an advanced parameter that i can be allowed to change it. What were the realistic reason for setting it to 50?
  5. Any possible way of getting this in the form of a PHP script. I tried wrapping my head around it, but i cant get RO keys to match from RW keys.
  6. Why wont sync be able to establish connection to more than 50 "clients" at one time?
  7. All a webgui for a windows install. I would perfer to manage the BTSync running on a windows system from a webgui, so i don't have to go the the actual system, or remote into it. G
  8. Ability to make the request url be able to be SSL. For example (listed in API documentation): http://[address]:[port]/api?method=get_folders[&secret=(secret)] Allow for HTTPS https://[address]:[port]/api?method=get_folders[&secret=(secret)]
  9. You didn't add in anything for the ability to pass a username and password. I added it on my own and got it to work.