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  1. I have the same problem, thought I've read it was fixed in 2.0 and up... we are testing BTSync to replicate files off-site (over a hundred thousands, mostly MS Word and Excel documents!) and currently 2.0.105 indicates 13051 locked files toward two QNAP devices running 2.0.93... Will be following this thread, let me know if I can help in any way (but feels like you're on it right now!) Thanks
  2. Idem here : my laptop is running Ubuntu-14.10, upgraded Sync to 2.0.105 yesterday! I'm trying to link my Nexus 4 (Android 5.1 LMY47O) with Sync by scanning the QR code, but it times out, one way or another : linking from the laptop = timeout, linking from the phone = timeout! I tried via WIFI on the same network, the data network on my phone, even tethering over wifi, NADA! If I create an identity on the phone and try to share a folder from the laptop, the only thing I see via 'tcpdump' via WIFI is ARP request by the laptop, no response from the phone and the laptop list the peer as
  3. Hey sorry it took that long to reply, but since it ain't a major issue it's the kink of thing I left on the backburner! btsync-user is running under my credentials and the directory in question is the default one - ~/music - so as far as permissions are concerned, everything is okay! My setup has changed a lot in the passed few days : had to "factory default" my phone and didn't reinstall btsync (waiting for a warranty replacement!) and got rid of my Windex laptop, now running with ubuntu-13.10_64-current... I still have a Windex box if you would like me to try and reproduce the issue...
  4. ... didn't have time to compile all the info to report properly but just had an insight which might trigger something (and paleez pardon my French!) This situation came to my attention when I tried to delete files - MP3 files - that I keep in sync between 3 machines, listed here in order of installation : Win7HE_64-current, btsync-1.2.82 Nexus4 running stock Android-4.4.2, btsync-1.2.14 #!_64-11-current, btsync-1.2.82 (installed thru tuxpoldo unofficial packages!) ... but when I added the last machine, before I added the "music" folder to the btsync instance, I copied all files locally, i