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  1. I'm using the default instance, for personal use mainly. I haven't educated myself on the server package just yet, but assuming I can get a good grasp of the in's and out's with this BTSync, I can try out the server package at work. Thanks for your help I will do this soon.
  2. Definitely would help my OCD tendencies if this feature was available
  3. How would I change the configuration file? Thanks for your help. (I went to the post but I'm hoping there is a more detailed instruction on removing shared folders and creating that new configuration file)
  4. I seem to be running into an issue where I change my password through the internet browser UI but as soon as I reboot the RPI, the password gets reset to the old password I had previously.
  5. Could you elaborate on how to do this? This would be very useful. These were the least of my worries, lol. The main issues I ran into were figuring out how the damn permissions worked, and then setting up a work around since every device connected would in turn download whatever you have in your directories. So I just set up folders within the main directory for my Macbook and my mobile devices (android phone & tablet, and even iPad 2 to test out BTSync on iOs). Now I won't find my devices trying to download all my huge files unless intended to. On a side note, will they ever implem
  6. The SDCard and External Card should essentially be the same thing.
  7. Maybe it had not relinked to the root folder because it was during a live sync then? I should do some tests because there was a folder in there that will not sync through, I think assuming that the folder was still in there, but I had removed it from the destination sync because I've read some horror stories on here regarding lost files and I didn't want BTSync to delete it by mistake.
  8. I ran into a huge issue when I accidentally renamed a folder on my Macbook and essentially broke the link I had to my Raspberry Pi cloud. I had to do some clean up work but I had to wait for everything to resync and then relink the folder via secret code on my Pi. Is there any way to fix this? Read only option? Rename the folder from the root directory? Thanks.
  9. This folder everyone seems to be finding as the fix is located on my device and not on my sdcard... Am I missing something here?
  10. Thanks, maybe we can get some more support in here for a solution, S4/Note community is huge so I'm sure this is a bigger issue than we think.
  11. I'm using it to have my own secure server (obviously) but to ween myself off of DB/Drive and only use those for friends and family who need files. I was looking for a solution and when I read about the Raspberry Pi and BTSync together, I made it happen. A few sleepless nights and only missed one class due to being up till 5am I finally got it working. I am a graphic designer, school newspaper photographer and student and having my own cloud lets me walk around with less weight on me, as I carried a 1TB hdd on me, albeit small but still less of a risk of damaging it by having it at home and a
  12. +1 for me on this issue. Deleted sync folder and re-added a new folder that was located on my SD card and it gives me a permissions issue to change anything on that folder.
  13. Hey guys, looking to do sort of a space saving technique where I can dump all my files into my cloud and then be able to remove the files from my computer that is attached to the cloud, is this possible? I've been trying to do a read only transfer experiments but I'm not getting the right result. Also, is it possible yet to see image's only of the files and then be able to export the one's needed only? I.e. Dropbox for mobile devices. Thanks.