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  1. I could workaround this issue by moving Btsync to the SD card via the Apps menu. At least the files can be synced to the SD card that way, albeit only to the respective subdirectory of the (moved) Btsync app.
  2. That should indeed do the trick - thank you very much, Marko!!
  3. Hello, is it possible to update files just one way - like from Desktop to the notebook? What effect would it have to exclude a directory via .SyncIgnore just on one side? thanks! ..rookey
  4. Thanks for your reply Roman, quite helpful! I found out the following that may also be helpful for others: under Windows, subdirectories of the Sync directory that should be excluded from synchronization should be defined as \subdir\*even under Windows, defined directories are case-sensitive! So "Subdir" <> "subdir" !!of course, BTSync has to be closed if one makes changes to the .SyncIgnore file that should be identical on both synced devices. For my special needs regarding a TrueCrypt volume, I was thinking that the volume file had identical file dates, but maybe the 'last access' dates in the NTFS filesystem were different or whatever. Since I open my volumes via commmand line, I had to dig through the docs to find out how to have TrueCrypt update the timestamp if the volume is changed. The parameter for that is "/mountoption timestamp" or shorter, "/mo ts". thanks for a great - and free - piece of software! rookey
  5. Hello, I installed BtSync, set up directory synchronization for my /DATA directories on both my notebook and the desktop PC and immediately stopped BTSync after that to define the directories to be excluded in the .SyncIgnore file. The way I did it is to simply list the subdirectories I didn't want to sync, so it now looks like: .DS_Store.DS_Store?._*.Spotlight-V100.Trashesehthumbs.dbdesktop.iniThumbs.dbAndroidStudioProjectsAStudio-GradlesbakBluetoothDropboxeBooksEigene BilderEvernoteGoogle Desktop Datamoz-profilesMy PSP FilesPicasa EditsPicasaLibAfter updating these files on both computers, I started BTSync again. However, it started to sync files contained in the PicasaLib directory! (it also created a backup copy of these files in the .SyncArchive directory). Can it be that it 'remembered' the previous setting and didn't re-read the .SyncIgnore file again after the restart and refresh the list of files to be copied? If so, how can I force it to do so? What was even worse however, and I also don't have any explanation for: it did overwrite a newer version of a file on the desktop computer (a Truecrypt image file) - how can that happen?! Isn't the software supposed to copy only newer files? Luckily really, the backup copy was created, so at least my work of 2 weeks hadn't been lost. BTSync looks like exactly the tools I'm looking for, but I really have to trust it. thanks, r.
  6. I'd find it essential to be able to exclude specific subdirectories or files from synchronization. I have large directory structures I'd like to sync, and Bittorrent Sync seems ideal for that purpose - except that these directories contain a few files and subfolders that would have to be excluded from sync.... An example for this is my 'data' directory. It contains a few dozen subdirectories, but 1 of them holds my Thunderbird and Firefox profiles. Syncing them automatically would just cause trouble if these programs are opened, so it would be better to exclude them from the 'data' sync job. Another one is my web app java source directory. It would be of great help to sync these complex directory structures in an automated way, but unfortunately, one specific subfolder holds machine-specific configuration data and would have to be excluded from sync in order to prevent messing up my production environments... Edit : just found out that this is supported, although a somewhat 'hidden'/undocumented option. For anyone interested, look for '.SyncIgnore' here: