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  1. To be short: I sync files between a Win10 tablet, a Raspberry Pi and a Win10Pro laptop by using Resilio Sync (Home editions). Recently I saw that on my laptop both the old BTSync and Resilio Sync were running. BTSync has no folders and Resilio Sync wasn't syncing. On my laptop I removed BTSync, removed/disconnect all folders from Resilio Sync. I added the folders by entering the RW-keys and I set the location to the existing location of the specific folder. Sync started indexing and syncing. Next day after a reboot of the laptop my Win10 laptop doesn't see the other peers (tablet and
  2. Have the options to disable using a relay server, a tracking server and searching the DHT netowrk gone in 2.0? For me it was one of the important things to prevent undesired access to my data.
  3. After the automatic upgrade of Sync1.4 to Sync2.0 the application always crashed when I try to start it. Tried to reboot tablet and to remove Sync and install it again. No difference. Sync isn't working anymore on my tablet. I've removed Sync and manually installed a recent 1.4 .apk. Any ideas? Other users suffering from this issue?
  4. :( Sync on my tablet is upgraded automatically to Sync2.0. Unfortunately the new Sync versions always crash at startup.... What can I do? I use Sync often for syncing files to my tablet. I'm using a Asus ME302C tablet (Android 4.3)
  5. No, I also see strange sync behavior after upgrading to 1.4.93. It seems to be a bad release
  6. I sent my debug log to the support mail address. A few days after sending that e-mail, I got a response from the BT Sync support team with a link to a new build of the executable. I replaced the original btsync executable on my RPi. This solves my issue.
  7. Unfortunately the same issues here. 2 Win7 laptops. One of them contains a working map for all our photo's. First I synced this (encrypted; read only) to a RaspBerry Pi. Yesterday I also sync'd this folder (read/write) to the other laptop, but the same issues. Yesterday in the evening the BTSync instance said it has synced the photo-folder (about 70GB), but later in the evening it was out of sync and told me it contains not more than 10 - 20 GBs of data. I hope it will be fixed asap. Edit: I'll try to collect debug logs later today and send them to
  8. My BTSync installation on a RPI also suffers from this issue. From the sync.log: [20140930 23:09:45.355] Loading config file version 1.4.75 [20140930 23:09:45.800] SF[A776]: Loaded folder /mnt/hd2/btsync/Kerkenraad [20140930 23:09:45.800] SF[A776]: failed to read '/var/lib/btsync//10D22F7ACDFDF3D778E1D4196EA878F17BF3A776.availability' [20140930 23:09:46.847] SF[3A39]: Loaded folder /mnt/hd2/Wendy/MijnDocumenten_Laptop [20140930 23:09:46.847] SF[3A39]: failed to read '/var/lib/btsync//9C7DDEB172C55681E313C8FFF983BCA006E33A39.availability' [20140930 23:10:08.117] SF[E463]: Loaded folder /mnt/h
  9. Thx! I installed it by doing a sudo apt-get install btsync I'll try to create a new init.d script (will be next week)
  10. ... maybe a better question: how can I force the installer to do some of the installation tasks again? All I want to do the part of creating and configuring the service. I searched the internet for for a description to do it manually but all I tried failed. Any ideas??
  11. Today I rebooted the Raspberry BTSync was running on. After that BTSync stops working. It seems to be the bug that's already known: To try to solve this issue, I several times removed, reinstalled and reconfigured BTSync. The last time I tried that, I deleted the btsync file in /etc/init.d (yes I'm very stupid to rm a file instead of moving or renaming it....). After that I'm unable to get that file back. So I'm unable to start BTSync. When I try to start the service (sudo service btsync start) it fails with the message "bt