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  1. Hi all, I installed the 1.4.93 build manually on Linux following this tutorial (so not using the synocommunity package) and would like to upgrade to the 1.4.99 build, but what steps / commands do I need to follow? I did not find an "update guide"? Thanks for helping this n00b ;-)
  2. Hi, I'm using the synology community edition and found out that my bittorrent sync crashes every 2-3 days. After restarting it, it works fine again for a couple of days. Just before the crash I notice in my sync.log files the following: [20141014 13:54:55.578] KickSocketObj::set_error(err=101, socket_error=false): : Network is unreachable[20141014 13:54:55.588] KickSocketObj::set_error(err=101, socket_error=false): : Network is unreachable Anybody experiencing the same? What can I do to provide more diagnostic info. How do I generate the dump files? Thanks
  3. I have a synology nas and I installed the community edition. I'm pretty new at this but to fix the listening port I need to update sync.conf in this directory /var/packages/btsync/target/var? And add "listening_port" : "xxxxx", correct?