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  1. This is good news. Thank you for clarifying it.
  2. When we want to use PI oustide, we have to open (and forward) ports for SSH on our routers. As I know it is visible outside for others, that a port is opened here. Does it menas that more "hackers" will try get in and - finally - our internet connection will be more jammed than when we have all ports closed? Will our bandwidth get slowly? Thanks in advance!
  3. Ok, please explain me 1. "Remove folders" means to to remove folders from GetSync app configuration or remove folders with all of its contents (finally from all connected devices)? 2. Is there in GetSync app "autoupdate" function? I wonder, because if it is there, and if it is switched on - removing folders can happend "invisible" for users?
  4. Could it be true? Version not 1 beta, this is 2.3.5 and such issues are possible? I am going to buy BT Sync for my company, but reading it I am not sure it is a serious product...
  5. Hello, Did anybody install that official linux packages succesfully? I was trying on my OSMC, but there is problem:
  6. What a suprise, the slides disapeared completely from your site. Smart way of fixing ;-) Hope they work on it...
  7. Would you please make update also for installation package on your http://blog.bittorrent.com/2015/09/04/sync-wd-raspberry-pi-2/ because there is only 2.0 version...
  8. I mean those on www.getsync.com/how-it-works - slides don't change, cliking numbers seeams they are dead... Shame for new customers who want to understend (not an easy) getsync... Greetings! p.s. Putting links here using 'link' icon seems also to be dead...
  9. Hello, I am using BitSync on Raspberry Pi (ARM) using apt-get update. Unfortunatelly in that Debian Repository last available version is 2.0.93 Is there a way to override that fields and force install 2.0.125 on Raspberry Pi? Or should I write to Debian developers? Greetings to all! Robert
  10. This is a feature which is only in PRO version? Thanks, uninstalling GetSync... There was no talk it will be cut from Free version...