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  1. Interestingly enough, however, I downloaded these older versions (for mac & windows) and they would no longer run on any of my machines, Windows or Mac. Not sure what to think. I tried to roll back and I can't seem to. And I'm having a true nightmare of a time trying to get all 3 machines + Android phone back in sync. I've been pulling my hair out for three days, and I'm a Sys Admin! So it's not like I don't have a clue. And now BT sync i s routinely crashing on Android 4.4.4 (on a 2013 Moto X)
  2. I think I'm going back to 1.4, as well. All of my sync folders have gotten mixed up or deleted. This new paradigm for 2.0 may work for some people or environments, but it totally blows for me. It worked GREAT before and now it sucks, I'm afraid. I regret having 'donated' my $29.00 now.
  3. I actually paid $30 as my way of donating to the developers when 2.0 Pro came out. I don't need the features of Pro and won't very likely be udating my subscription in a year. Ver 1.4 was working flawlessly for me, but I like to keep my software up to date and figured that this 2.0 release would be a nice, stable way to maintain this platform. WHAT A MISTAKE! 1) I never received a confirmation of the license until I asked them about my subscription, 2 days later. 2) There was no indication that the BTKEY was attached to that confirmation letter (when it finally did arrive) and there was NO indication that this file was to be used to activate the pro version. Good thing I checked with Tech support....I would never have figured that out. No instruction whatsoever. 3) the upgrade from 1.4 to 2.0 was possibly one of the SLOPPIEST update/upgrade scenarios I have ever seen in a software update, with the possible exception of some of Microsoft's complete reinstall of the OS to upgrade. It took me 1/2 day to figure out WTF to do and 1/2 day to get it all straightened out so that I'm all in sync across my machines. What a complete and total cluster fuck, guys. You had it all working so well on V1.4 (at least on my 2 x MBP OSX 10.10.2 machines, 1 x Win 8.1 x64 desktop, Android 4.4.4 phone). You really needed to get this worked out before dropping 2.0 (and Pro, no less!) onto the community. You've turned a LOT of users off, including myself. I only hope that all of these BAD USER EXPERIENCES listed on this forum makes you take notice and get your act together so that I /we don't ever have to experience this crap again. I won't be installing any updates and certainly won't be renewing my license in a year, if this is what I am to expect. I'll be watching the forums before I do ANY updating. Boyd
  4. Yeah, they really made this latest update a cluster fuck. Took me half a day to figure it out and spent a second half day getting it all straightened out. You basically have to start over. Disconnect and delete all of your 1.4 folders (but not the contents). Go into settings and set up your existing Sync folders as the default location. And then 'share' these with yourself (or others) by way of email/copy&paste/QR. On the peer devices, be sure to set you default folder(s) again, then accept the invitation to share and it should start syncing as 2.0 folders.