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  1. seems that i was a problem in the DB and I had to disconnect, delete the share completely, erase the .sync folder and readd the share
  2. Hi, There are apparently some files who have not been synced which are mentioned on several hosts. There a no .!sync or whatever in the .sync folder. and none of the folders so far. So I don't understandfrom where it get that. There is 2 NAS, 1 docker instance, 2 windows hosts .... So where this informations is stored? How can I clean this information?
  3. Hi, A network connectivity tab to know that the instance have made contacted to the relay servers. At the moment we don't know that and it's a problem especially with thoses instances where we only have a http web ui like the docker version, linux or NAS versions. Plus having the addresses from the relay servers would be great.
  4. Hi, 2.5.13 It seems that the docker version is limited to LAN when not used with --net host argument? is that correct? I guess that's not a docker limitation since i can run a webserver from docker without using this argument and it's not a firewall problem nor a router problem... So did you code Sync like that? Why would it not link primarly with one of your relay server then look for others on the subnet ? So I've consulted your FAQ about your network protocol: So if I'm following this. For docker it's a bit broken since you force users to use port 55555 for TCP data transmission (I do'nt know even why you enforce such a thing since on desktop app we can change the port and I don't see why we couldn't be able to change the prot besides the fact that you didn't resolve the permission to write to a file under linux between a webserver and the OS permission's system). Because the container instance, will contact the tracker with the 55555 port in its contact information but the tracker won't be able to contact him if we diverted the port to another one in the docker command. So it won't never be able to contact the relay, correct? at least that's what seems to happen to me. What I can't understand is that, when I filter the data stream between my different subnets, and if I let through only the port for web ui and for the data stream, it won't be able to connect between point A and point B unless I configured for each sharing folder the specific ip and port. But If I let a free access between point A and point B, then the auto discovery works because both will be detected without a problem. So which port is used for the transaction? a random port and that's why it is impossible to filter efficiently the traffic? Would it be a bit more easier to let the possibility to change the listening port on docker or linux instances?
  5. Hi, I'm not sure that this is a bug because of resilio sync but because of the doubt I would like to share this information / this happened on a new PC installation from 3 days ago. look at the screenshots. So maybe it happened during the sync I guess it's related. It could also be related to the one commander app available in the windows store in corrolation to the sync of resilio sync. Or it could be something else but nothing else was really working at the time. Since it's the last 1709 windows 10 pro I'm not able to access it without tweaking it and I won't obviously have any logs because it's windows, of the creations of all those files so I will need to format It. I will try to take ownership and copy it to somewhere else on the PC to analyze it further later. There is no solution to that problem besides fromat it, no windows tools are detecting those files.
  6. Well yeah but more importantly you should pin a message in the forum section about it and not stating a setting by setting basis. Because It's the whole group of settings which would be stored in sync.conf on every device that runs linux who cannot be changed. So 2 choices here, first one you pin a message about it in every section of the forum second you put a wiki page about it. Users as I said to the support, are assuming that if there are a possibility to change something through the webUI then they should be able to change them. So we are not discussing it about specific button here or other stuff, it's a whole bunch of settings that has to be removed from the UI and put it on a static page without having the possibility to change them. So please pin a message about it or do a wiki page about it. People don't has to ask support about this ever again or bother to make new post on the forums. (especially if you try to grow your users base.
  7. @Helen Like I've just received confirmation from the support, it's a design choice. You should have told us right away that every settings which are stored in sync.conf are not changeable. Even if the choice is available through the web UI, you can't change storage location, listening port or things like that. You have to go through CLI of the peripherals, and it's the same kind of procedure for docker, and change it in the config file yourself. So no, settings are not supposed to be changed only by the hard way, it's a decision by design. And I like that you pin it this message in every linux section so => nas section but also docker section.
  8. Same problem here for quite some releases now.... settings sotred in settings.dat but also in sync.conf. │-rw------- 1 rslsync rslsync 3415 Aug 30 00:46 settings.dat │-rw------- 1 rslsync users 698 Aug 30 00:46 sync.conf is that supposed to be like this or not?
  9. CPu can't be a matter here, as I said, it's the normal speed I get on last gen cpu, including Xeon and consumer cpu's so the problem of encrypting and decrypting the data here is not a problem + for encrypting the data there is at least 3 hosts doing it so.... But if you say that the size of the data is basically the same so it lacks 70MBs on my bandwith, where did it go? it can't magically disappear.... And so if you say that it's the same size then it can't be the bottleneck because of my argument about the CPU's.
  10. Hi, I would like to do this thread to state the situation about speed and maybe ask a few questions to have clear answers. So, I have a reasonable semi pro setup on my LAN, carrier grade equipment + cat 5E at minimum UTP. several hosts, as NAS, LINUX servers, Xenserver, differents others hosts,... So what I obtain generally is between 30MB and 50 MB. I didn't change anything about the default settings. So the transfer are always encrypted. Since we can all agree that the max speed should be 110MB maybe there are reasons for our general speed. So I would like to ask, when the interface indicates a speed does that count the part of the encryption in it or is it the actual amount of real data transfered? if no, how much is the encryption taken on the network? what other things should we take in consideration? Since on my setup and any small company setup there would be certainly 3 or 5 hosts having all files so able to transfer every files asked, why shouldn't we be able to transfer at max speed of the LAN besides HDD problems of course which couldn't be more marginal than on a setup with several hosts?
  11. but so my question was more about, what if resilio get breached
  12. yes that what I was meaning earlier but to do that properly, the resilio container should'nt be using root but a special user for that. But I guess i should ask that on github ?
  13. but then I guess a containerized setup as docker is better, right ?