Debian And Ubuntu Server Unofficial Packages For Bittorrent Sync

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at the moment i have not found a way at the new official packages to specify under which user the instance has to be run, like at the packages of tuxpoldo and silvenga (via configfile)

so that official package is not usable for me (running silvenga's package at headless servers)

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Folks, as this 33+ page long thread is now drifting away from the original theme around the (obsolete) unofficial Linux packages created by forum contributor @tuxpoldo, and is now moving more into off-topic discussions surrounding the new official Linux packages available for Sync, it's time to draw this particular thread to a close after nearly three years.

Before doing so, I'd like to express thanks on behalf of the Sync community for all the contributions to this thread over the past three years, and especially for the work done on the unofficial packages originally contributed by @tuxpoldo, their subsequent fork by @Silvenga, and the unofficial installation/management script recently created by @moe.

Whilst @tuxpoldo & his packages have been dormant for some time now, both @moe's and @Silvenga's unofficial work continues ...

  • Information and discussions relating to the unofficial installation/management script created by @moe continue in this thread.
  • Information and discussions relating to @Silvenga's fork of @tuxpoldo's original unofficial packages continue in this thread.
  • Discussions relating to the new official Linux packages available for Sync should now continue in separate threads.


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