[Bug] Caps; Sync From Windows Pc To A Linux Based Device.


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Today I installed BT Sync on our company NAS, a Synology DS214+. Everything works fine, but I noticed a strange thing when browsing the files on the NAS.


The NAS is the 'host' of a folder; say btsync/, and a Windows PC is connected using the Windows application for Sync. On the PC we added a folder; say Subdir/ to btsync/. When we changed the name of Subdir/ to subdir/ (note the uppercase S), on the NAS both exist.


So when you change the name of a folder, but only uppercase/lowercase, it makes both folders to exist on the NAS, which is a Linux device.

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BTSync does it best to detect file renaming, but it is not always possible, especially when you just change the case of some symbols on file systems that are not case-sensitive. For Windows that would be the same name, and for Linux it is 2 different names.


It is a known issue and I would advise avoid renamings with just changing symbols case. We are working to fix this issue.

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