Android Does Not 'see' Synced Files In Music Folder

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Installed btsync on both my computer and Google Nexus 7 android in hopes of easily transfering some music files to android and play them in either Amazon MP3 app or Google Play Music app.


If I transfer music files with my USB cable into the /Music directory on the Nexus 7, everything works fine.  Amazon MP3 & Google Play Music apps will 'see' the music I copied to the Nexus 7.


HOWEVER, if I use btsync to transfer the music files from computer to Nexus 7, btsync shows the files are there.  But, Amazon MP3 & Google Play Music does not find the files and they cannot be played.

Also, If I use a USB cable between the computer and Nexus 7, browsing to the Music folder shows NOTHING in file explorer.


Any Ideas why I can't see or use the synced files?


See following screenshots from my computer & nexus 7 for more detail

Synced folder on Computer:



Synced folder on Android (screenshot from btsync app):


But, file explorer shows no files when I browse to the folder over USB cable:

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Can you see synced files if you browse your Nexus device not over the USB cable but with some Android file explorer?


I suggest that:

1. Files are actually there, but gallery was not updated that's why music players does not see it

2. Your PC file explorer might have not enough permissions that's why it does not see BTSync files.

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Media scanner is not triggered by BitTorrent Sync after syncing. Media scanner is launched after device reboot for example. 


To help your players detect music, you may either reboot device after syncing or install any 'media scanner' app, that you will like. 

And make sure there is no .nomedia file in this folder (if you have KitKat). 

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