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  1. What sort of restrictions or limitations are there when sharing a folder from a Business Basic account to a Home Free account?
  2. I would LOVE to see whitelist implemented in Resilio Sync too! And, it seems it has already been implemented in Resilio Connect. See here: But, a similar help article for Resilio Sync does not mention whitelist: I tried using the * ! syntax from the Connect article in Sync, but id did not work.
  3. I have noticed an issue on multiple Win7 PCs: When I open the 'Peer list' pop-up dialog window the first time, the 'X' close button in the upper right works correctly. But, when I open the 'Peer list' pop-up dialog window the SECOND time, the button's active hover area is only about half the size it should be. This makes it a bit confusing and harder to hit the close button. See attached video for demonstration. BitTorrent Sync mouse hover button
  4. OK, Thanks for verifying that this is a known issue and is being addressed. Is there any sort of public bug tracker or issue tracker so I can see and/or be notified when this is resolved?
  5. I have a Win7 Pro PC with two users. The main user account is configured as 'standard user' to prevent unnecessary software installations. There is one 'administrator' account. I had issues updating BTSync from a 2.0 version to 2.1. The only way I could seem to reliably get the upgrade install to work was to temporarily change the 'standard user' account type to 'administrator', then do the install upgrade, then switch the account back to standard. I was using the x64 version of BTSync.
  6. I am still having the issue (although it can be overridden, so no biggie).
  7. FYI to the developers: Google Chrome is tagging the Sync download as 'not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.' See attached screenshot.
  8. Right now, I am just using the free version of BTSync (and I am past the Pro Trial). Can multiple identities have their permission set to 'Owner' for the same shared BTSync Folder? When I share a folder, and I choose "Owner" under permission, the other user does NOT actually get that permission when they add that share folder... they don't get the owner 'crown' icon & they cannot create a share link for that folder.
  9. Thanks, This seems to have worked for me on Windows. I found the license file in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\License\875\
  10. I could not get Sync 2.0 to sync between my home and work computer. It said "No Peers" Uninstalled 2.0 on both machines & installed 1.4.111 and it works perfectly. Any idea why 2.0 would not work, but 1.4.111 does work?
  11. I tried this, but when I moved time back to the correct time, the pro trial features came back too. :-(
  12. What versions of Windows does Sync 2.0 support? I installed Sync 2.0 on a Windows Vista machine, but it is failing to sync. Looking at the download page here, it only lists Windows 7 or later. (Note: Sync 2.0 did install on Vista with no error messages. If it is not supported, it should at least throw an error).
  13. Is there a way to opt out of the 30-day pro trial in sync 2.0? I'd like to evaluate the FREE version of Sync, but the Pro Trial makes that really difficult.