How To Delete All Application Files On Mac?


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Hi all,


i installed BitTottent Sync 2 on my Mac and then removed it again. Worked fine but there are still some files left on my Mac. I know that because if i install Sync again, then i don't have to choose a name anymore. So there has to be a configuration file or something somewhere.

The questions is, after deinstalling the app, how do i remove everything else the app created on my Mac?




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Sync keeps current settings in Users/username/Library/Application Support/ BitTorrent Sync folder <- this is where Sync's name, identity, folders' database and other settings are stored.

There are some plist's in Users/username/Library/Properties, but they are not related to "don't have to choose a name anymore". 

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Doesn't help - Thanks for trying to help but please, next time read the original post and don't post stuff that obviously doesn't help the original poster

Sync keeps current settings in Users/username/Library/Application Support/ BitTorrent Sync folder ...

Great! That's exactly what i wanted to know, thanks!  :lol:


Which, Endogen, is also what it says in the article I originally directed you to in the first place!! :P



"Delete BitTorrent Sync from Applications, then go to Users/username/Library/Application Support and move the BitTorrent Sync folder to trash"

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