[Solved] "remote Peer" Shown In History Instead Of Actual Machine Name


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I recently upgraded from 2.0.?? to 2.1.4 (79).


Formerly, I was able to look at the sync history and identify which machines had finished syncing, or had added/removed files. It was very convenient. 


Now, all it tells me for each machine is "Remote peer". This is totally useless now. I have 10 computers syncing, how can I tell which ones have synced or not now?

History now tells me 8 times, "Finished syncing with Remote peer". Which ones have not?


Why was this change made?

How can I get peer names back?



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Hi there,


I've just installed 2.2 over 2.1.4 and the bug is still there. However, I believe I installed 2.2 on a different machine that upgraded from an earlier version (2.0.x?), and the bug wasn't there.


Are you aware of this? Do I need to do a clean reinstallation?

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Sorry, not reproducing - immediately after update to Sync 2.2. from Sync 2.1.4 History started writing peer name correctly. Please note that older records will remain with "Remote peer" - is that what you mean? 

Or in activity, that is going on in Sync 2.2. you still have Remote peer? 

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This problem is still occurring in 2.7.2, over 5  years after these prior posts. I installed Resilio on a new computer and "remote peer" is deleting tens of thousands of files that literally don't exist. For all I know, I am really losing some of these files permanently. But what is clear is that something is very very wrong.

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