Leaving *.rsls behind?


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I use Resillo service to sync offsite. The offsite backup uses placecards to only sync what is needed.

If i delete a file from source then a *.rsls file is put in the files place. 

How do i stop this from happening please? If i delete from source then the backup placecard should just disappear.

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Did this ever get figured out?

I have the same issue, and can't stand having to constantly remember to go back and
search and delete all *.rsls files every time I make significant changes to my local copy.

As the original user asked, "How do i stop this from happening?"

Thank you.

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On 11/20/2019 at 9:12 AM, AlexC said:

@PwrSrg If you don't want to deal with placeholders don't use selective sync or use 'Remove from all devices' context menu option.

For future reference, this does not answer the question, this is a suggested workaround.

So funny story...  I just RE-searched this issue, (now eight months later) and found this answer.  I was about to reply with the same issue when I realized it was already MY reply!  🙃

So the real answer is there is currently NO way to accomplish this.

I was hoping the correct answer would have something to do with setting up my local machine as the "Master" source.

Where can I request this feature?  Thanks!

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