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I just signed up to share my newest observations with you. I think the Resilio macOS Client (2.6 newest release, but the older releases had the same issues) has a bad energy efficiency. According to the integrated macOS activity monitor Resilio has an average energy demand close to 3. (See attached image) I use Resilio on my NAS to sync my Dropbox, Scipio (German Cloud host of university) and some other files between my devices. But the amount of sync data is really low, as I use DevonThink Pro Office via WEBDav to sync my documents. So most of the time, Resilio doesn't even sync files, but maybe asks for new files. (Don't know the exact tech-details) Nevertheless I think "3" is too high for this task, especially if I may let you have a look on the energy efficiency of DevonThink which I use every time I touch a document.

Am I the only one having this high values? 

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-31 um 16.39.48.png

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Check the Power user preferences

Things to change:

  • config_refresh_interval (if you use it in your LAN most often only, there's no need for a frequent tracker/relay refresh)
  • config_save_interval (just increase it to a few hours)
  • folder_rescan_interval (It's possible that Sync misses some file modifications, to still detect these file, all files get scanned every 10 minutes. It's rare and if you can live with the fact, that the file, if it happens at all, won't be synced to the other device in maybe 10 hours, then just increase the rescan interval to maybe 36000)


Finally disable debug logging in the preferences.


Restart Resilio sync and report back if it improved the energy managment.

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