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I installed the same version of resilio-sync on two fedora workstations following this page:

When I connect these two computers on a standard directory, they are not connected to each others "no peer online -- 0 of 0".

In fact I can see a warning message in the Web UI configuration page : "Connection settings overwritten by config".

I don't know what this message means.

My configuration file loaded by the rslsync is located in ~/.config/resilio-sync/config.json and its content looks like:

    "storage_path" : "~/.config/resilio-sync/storage",
    "pid_file" : "~/.config/resilio-sync/",

    "webui" :
        "force_https": true,
        "listen" : ""

I checked the troubleshooting procedure: my connection allow TCP and UDP packets, .... and I can't find out what the problem could be.

Note that I have been using Resilio since 3 years without any problem.




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Hi... being snubbed means that you haven't received a piece from a client in the last 60 seconds. It happens for a lots of reasons. For example, if you are choked by a client for 60 secs your 'snubbed' column will show 'yes' - this is the most common one. You can also be snubbed for some uncommon reasons like older versions of BitComet which granted an upload slot but just don't send anything, or some other reasons.

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