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2 hours ago, Hadoken said:

I'm a long time ResilioSync User and love it, it's always had rock solid reliability and always done with ease what I wanted from it. I became aware of this forum after it stopped working for me on my home server recently due to the changes, although Resilio did give me a free server license for it.


However I do agree with what the other posters have said before me about Resilio slowly being left behind. I've been mentioning ResilioSync to friends and colleagues recently since my issues to get their opinion and all of them said one thing.... why don't you just use SyncThing!

Syncthing is not an option for me and my family.

Here some Reasons.
-No Autostart Fuction in Syncthing without stupid scripts and workarounds.
-No integrated GUI. Only webGUI. The GUI version is not Syncthing maintained and updated. Last update 2 years ago.
-You cannot install as a Service in the background. Only with third party tools.
-The NAS versions are not maintained by Syncthing itself. If nobofy maintain the App for NAS systems it getting old and outdated. Before the new updated they was 4 years abadoned (Asustor NAS). Asustor Syncthing App. And now it maintained again by third party user.

The comfort fuctions are horrible in syncthing. The update cycle for NAS is for the ******. And lack of basic comfort fuctions.

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First of all, it has to be said that Syncthing is a tool more for technicians. It surely has some goodies in the GUI, but something like ticking autostart, that's too much of a diva for that. Nevertheless, there is an entire website in the documentation for autostarting on various platforms.

It is not true that the GUI of Syncthing is not being optimized, it just has not fundamentally changed. But that is also not the case with Resilio. The difference between BTsync v1.4.111 and Resilio v2.7.2 is visible, but this is also the case between Syncthing v0.10 and v1.8.0.

NAS clearly fall short. Syncthing has for Synology its own APP which works perfectly and is always up to date. Other NAS brands will probably come with time. The ones for Synology comes from Kastelo and as I know Kastelo owned Syncthing as a brand.

The actual synchronization is almost as fast with nothify as with Resilio. Since several years I have both tools on 4 Synology's, 4 Windows computers, 3 Android smartphones and can say so much. Resilio's community policy has allowed Syncthing to catch up and that's a very, very unfortunate. Today Syncthing is just as good as Resilio in terms of core functionality.

One thing has to be understood: Resilio is peer-oriented, Syncthing is device-oriented and that is a fundamental difference in concept and in the follow in operation and administration. Once you understand that, some things are easier.

Resilio is still the first choice for me. This also in the future when the update cycles get better or shorter and when the community and license holders are no longer neglected.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am the owner of a new Synology DS720+ NAS with the Gemini Lake architecture. Resilio support created a Resilio Sync package for my architecture when it was not generally available. Great support. And now you can download it from the website.

Syncthing is a complete other story. Syncthing on Synology is supported by but the scripts are not updated to support the latest hardware (I think latest update is from 2018). So Syncthing is a no-go if you run Synology (latest hardware). I can't install Syncthing because the installation scripts do not recognize the Gemini Lake architecture.


Very happy with Resilio support and the software.

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I too, am a very long term user (BT-days) and was - too be honest - totally hit by surprise by this server thing. We have 12 liscences (various kinds). It took me a while to wrap my head around what bugs me about this. So they want 1200 € / server. That's a lot of money. I mean A LOT of money. Ok - so that's one thing. I don't want to spend that money (we have four severs..)

But than it hit me - now I know what really bothers me about it. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO PROVIDE THE INFRASTRUCTURE. I mean that's the entire point of non-cloud-service-syncing: The user is responsible for the hardware setup. The user is responsible for backups, etc. OF COURSE I WOULD DO THAT WITH MY OWN SERVER! So now they tell me - hey - use our software - I mean - we don't provide servers, we don't route anything, there is no backup from us, you are entirely responsible for your data and btw: you are only allowed to use a laptop! SAY WHAT?!

Really hope that there will be a different pricing scheme in the future, or else this whole thing is futile.

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I would negotiate very easily, since Resilio is ready to talk.

1 hour ago, trxgny said:

Take a look at Syncthing, seems to be where lots of Resilo Sync users have migrated to.

Unfortunately, this is a process that has other reasons and to which I have already referred many times in this forum here. Everyone can get an idea of the update cycles and the forum activities, how they are here and how they are at Syncthing. In short, they are two different worlds. And even those who have licenses can be found in the Syncthing forum, including me, also with licenses.

I use both Resilio and Syncthing in parallel, although the focus has shifted from Resilio to Syncthing. Nevertheless, Resilio is still a first-class software, but in the meantime it has had first-class competition. Sad but true, Resilio has allowed it and has let it come to this point with this inertia and inactivity in the community and in this forum.

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