Is Resilio Sync still being actively developed?

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I've been testing Resilio Sync for the last couple of weeks and it's working well for my needs. While the free version seems to suit most of my needs, I like to support the development of tools that save me time and effort by buying a license.


That said, I have had bad experience in the past with buying licences of programs that were still functional at the time but development/support seem to have begun to wither, eventually stopping and forcing me to move to another solution sooner or later.

Are there any plans to continue the development and support of Resilio Sync at least to a reasonable level, or is the focus is solely on the business solution?

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+1 for the question. I've been using Resilio for a few years now (replacing Dropbox, mostly for privacy reasons) and have been very happy with it.

That being said, I've recently bought a M1 Mac, and the app still hasn't been updated to support it natively, and there doesn't seem to be any appetite for doing so, which worries me a little bit for the future.

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Yes it is. The Home Pro product has been feature complete/stable for a while now and so mostly sees bugfixes in response to host OS changes. Understandably, these are much less frequent than new feature drops.

Speaking as a longtime Home Pro user (since 2014).

I would not suggest paying for a license unless doing so gives you a feature you need and the free version doesn't have. The reason I say this is the exact reason you posted: license fees are best thought of as covering features, not development. Ergo, paying for the latter might set up you with false expectations of frequent releases or platform/ISA support.


there doesn't seem to be any appetite for doing so,

This topic has come up in the past; although there has been no official word on it, my take is that benchmarks show x86-64 apps running at native speed on M1 Macs. Unless you use 10 Gb/s or faster networking or some super high performance Thunderbolt storage array I doubt you'll see any performance difference.

FWIW there's no Windows Arm64 build either; and WoA machines have been around for much longer than M1 Macs have.


Side note: Don't get anxious about the development status of a product that has seen a version release within the past year. There are many excellent paid storage software related products that probably get 1 or 2 releases (or fewer) per year, e.g. DrivePool, Don't be alarmed because something hasn't been updated within the past month. The only time you should worry is if the dev's compatibility docs/system requirements don't mention/include the latest major release of the OS you're running on OR if there a bunch of critical open bugs. For example, an app that lists Windows 7, 8 (no mention of Windows 10) would not be one I would use.

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I don't think that's a good portrayal. There has been a significant decrease in activities from Resilio side on Home and Pro since today. In my opinion, they are primarily working on Connect and thus neglecting the pro license customers.

It is true that update cycles are not the measure of all things, but regular updates at short intervals are better than what Resilio does and then only solves half of it. There are some known bugs that are clearly reported here. The Android APP, still version 2.6.4, is also coming more and more into focus due to the progress in the field of Android development.

Don't get me wrong. Resilio is still an excellent software, but it is getting more and more on the defensive against its competition, especially Syncthing. And that's exactly what shouldn't have been. Resilio is still strong in features, but technically speaking, Syncthing has already left Resilio behind. And the recipe is simple. Close exchange with the community and constantly optimizing, a final every four weeks, etc., Syncthing goes better and better. You don't believe how many users are already there from here, precisely because movement and seriousness can be seen. Because the users notice that someone is taking care of the problems.

In return, how often can I read here in the last few weeks and months that even the support of Resilio is no longer answering. I think that's poor, especially towards the well-meaning license buyers, I also have several licenses.

Well, what do you think I am mainly using today?

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To be clear, I do not have any information about point 3 of the following specific to Resilio Sync.

Several things:

  1. Most of Resilio's staff are in Belarus
  2. To put it mildly without getting political, Belarus has been experiencing significant political upheaval recently
  3. Minsk's startup hub was just shut down by the government

So it doesn't seem to be very pleasant times for tech in Belarus, not mention the global pandemic is still a thing. My guess is, not only is the political situation not ideal, the government is probably also closely monitoring and or restricting the population's internet use and access. This, in turn, would affect the ability of staff to develop the product, respond to bugs, and participate on forums.


The apparent lull in activity has happened before. The project wasn't dead then and it certainly isn't now. If you reply to that thread (the longest of its kind on this forum) you may get some attention since devs are on it.

I disagree strongly about Syncthing, at least for the platforms I use and my workflow. For example, Syncthing for Android still can't write to microSD cards (something Resilio Sync has been able to do from day 1) in 2021. My Note9 has a 400 GB microSD card I sync data to and from, so that's a critical feature to me.

As a heavy Resilio Sync user (it's the backbone for my workflow) across Android (arm64), Windows 10 (amd64), Ubuntu (amd64), Debian (amd64), Raspberry Pi OS (arm64), and FreeBSD (amd64) (11 devices total), I'm not aware of any bugs at all. Follow the extensive documentation and/or search the forum and you should be fine. The most common difficulty I see is people trying to sync multiple large folders with different content. The best way to do that is put all the content you want in one folder and sync to an empty target, as well as ensure any new folder used to connect to an existing folder be empty upon initial connection.

But by all means use what works best for you. If that's Syncthing, then use Syncthing.

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Thank you all for the replies.

I don't expect new features every month just for the sake of feigning activity. In fact, I hate programs that turn into bloatware for that reason.

I much prefer periodic bug fix releases that improve stability and functionality, with, as Andy says, a reasonably frequent release of new features based on user feedback.

The reason I like to buy licenses even if I don't need a paid feature is because free is not a sustainable business model. If a tool helps me save time and effort, I'm happy to pay and do my little part in supporting development. Especially a tool that is centric to my workflow.

If there are external circumstances that currently prevent on-going support/development, communication, brief as it may be, with users is a key. Uncertainty is the worst position to put users in. I'm not criticizing anyone, just stating my opinion here.

Resilio works well for me and I didn't notice any bugs in my use-case, but I'm uneasy about the lack of any apparent development/support, which I fully acknowledge might resume before long. 

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8 hours ago, aboutblank said:

periodic bug fix releases that improve stability and functionality


Exactly, what I mean. This would be a good way also for Resilio.

But it is not a good way to want to save in order to only fix half of the bugs and in the end also lose the license customers. What kind of business model is that?

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I started a thread here in November of last year asking about explicit support for M1 Macs. Everyone on this thread is already well aware that we haven't seen or heard anything since that time.

In fact, the last Mac release (2.72) was motivated by another Mac issue I reported which made it impossible to sync a Photos Library on Big Sur.

Resilio continues to function on M1 Macs but it stands out as a high consumer of both CPU and battery. I rarely see it drop below 4% CPU, and it's often using much more CPU than that. This is when there is no disk activity whatsoever in any of the folders that it syncs (on the local or remote machines). At least according to Activity Monitor, the only process that provides any real competition for energy consumption is Time Machine.

There are a couple of other bugs/issues that I consistently run into but it doesn't seem worthwhile to report them.

We can speculate on why Resilio seems to have become abandonware - lack of market opportunity / support, focus on other products, legitimate and sincerely awful geopolitical issues - but unless someone knows otherwise, it's just speculation. With respect to Mac software, we're now seeing the second generation of M1 devices hit the market and there is obviously no going back. Resilio needs to see some M1 love in the form of a focus on CPU and energy use reduction. My guess - which is reasonably informed - is that the shortest path to that outcome is a native ARM build, but I think there's work left to do around change detection, too.

The original poster asked "Should I pay?" Frankly, a Resilio license is a good deal and it's a great product. But it seems possible that we are never going to see another release. So the decision to buy a license surely is not an easy one.

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I've always been an advocate of Resilio and have been using the software productively since BTsync v1.4.111. That was the first really good version of BTsync / Resilio. So I've been an active user of Resilio for years. I have also some licenses.

More since of interest and playing around, I started experimenting with Syncthing years ago, as this software is also available for a wide variety of platforms. I quickly saw that each software has advantages and disadvantages over the other. Both are good in principle.

Resilio is peer-oriented, Syncthing is device-oriented. This primarily gives an indication of how flexible the respective packages are when it comes to file sharing. With Resilio it is more easy to share a peer, with Syncthing it is always also the device, which is a bit more cumbersome, but the result is the same in the end.

More and more through circumstances, but also through this strange behavior of Resilio, which has been foreseeable for some time, I have come further and further in the direction of Syncthing and since a few months now I have been using Syncthing productively everywhere. Resilio is still running on my Synology servers, but without data exchange.

I would therefore advise you to experiment with Syncthing and make tests in your environment parallel to Resilio, then you can see for yourself how it works.

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This topic has come up in the past; although there has been no official word on it, my take is that benchmarks show x86-64 apps running at native speed on M1 Macs. Unless you use 10 Gb/s or faster networking or some super high performance Thunderbolt storage array I doubt you'll see any performance difference.

Let's be honest, Resilio can be a resource hog even when running natively. The fact that it runs so well already on Apple silicon is really great! But imagine how much better it could run if they re-compiled for ARM? 

I currently have 19 processes running with Intel emulation called "Resilio Sync Finder Extension" which combined use a fair amount of resources. Can this situation not be improved? Resilio isn't even running in my case. For now I open and close it as needed.  

Side note/rant: I honestly don't understand what constructive use so many people here are bringing to the table by arguing against any new feature or improvements. No excuses. This is paid software. Every other paid software I pay for and use regularly receives at least minimal updates. Wordpress themes I bought 8 years ago are still getting updates. It's cool if you want to just sit there and collect license fees with minimal effort, but the market is open for anyone else to come in and add the few features left that make Resilio unique and give it an advantage over competitors. 

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5 hours ago, SamG said:

but the market is open for anyone else to come in and add the few features left that make Resilio unique and give it an advantage over competitors. 


Thats my opinion. If you look in the Syncthing forum, more and more people come from here. "I have left Resilio....", "I come from Resilio ...." etc. etc. .... No more comments.

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On 4/26/2021 at 5:09 PM, Andy+ said:

would therefore advise you to experiment with Syncthing and make tests in your environment parallel to Resilio, then you can see for yourself how it works.

With Syncthing: Rename a 400Gb folder. On a connected device, Syncthing thinks the folder has been deleted and that there is a new folder:

1. The folder on the connected device will be moved to the trashcan (.stversions)

2. 400Gb is sent to your connected device.

Resilio is much better in this.


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Nobody says Resilio is bad. In addition, every software has its advantages. It is Resilio's own fault for scaring off its users.  However, what is currently going on in terms of updates and handling even of license users is not understandable.

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Is the longest time distance between updates. The next long value is 344 days as follow, whole average is 31 days. Just for statistics and what shows (!):

Build Date Days bet. Max/Min/Aver
Latest desktop build 2.7.2  21.07.2020 34 344
Latest desktop build 2.7.1  17.06.2020 40 1
Latest Desktop Build 2.7.0  08.05.2020 136 31
Latest Desktop Build 2.6.4  24.12.2019 344  
Latest Desktop Build 2.6.3  14.01.2019 53  
Latest Desktop Build 2.6.2  22.11.2018 57  
Latest desktop build 2.6.1  26.09.2018 62  
Latest desktop build 2.6.0  26.07.2018 63  
Latest desktop build 2.5.13  24.05.2018 133  
Latest desktop build 2.5.12  11.01.2018 2  
Latest desktop build 2.5.11  09.01.2018 22  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.10  18.12.2017 74  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.9  05.10.2017 29  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.8  06.09.2017 28  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.7  09.08.2017 27  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.6  13.07.2017 8  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.5  05.07.2017 16  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.4  19.06.2017 11  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.3  08.06.2017 21  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.2  18.05.2017 1  
Latest Desktop Build 2.5.1  17.05.2017 43  
Latest Desktop Build 2.4.5  04.04.2017 116  
Latest Desktop Build 2.4.4  09.12.2016 4  
Latest Desktop Build 2.4.3  05.12.2016 24  
Latest Desktop Build 2.4.2  11.11.2016 43  
Latest Desktop Build 2.4.1  29.09.2016 16  
Latest Desktop Build 2.4.0  13.09.2016 83  
Latest Desktop Build 2.3.8  22.06.2016 49  
Latest Desktop build 2.3.7  04.05.2016 37  
Latest Desktop build 2.3.6  28.03.2016 11  
Latest Desktop build 2.3.5  17.03.2016 1  
Latest Desktop build 2.3.4  16.03.2016 22  
Latest Desktop build 2.3.3  23.02.2016 5  
Latest Desktop build 2.3.2  18.02.2016 16  
Latest Desktop Build 2.3.1  02.02.2016 12  
Latest Desktop Build 2.3.0  21.01.2016 69  
Latest Desktop Build 2.2.7  13.11.2015 11  
Latest Desktop Build 2.2.6  02.11.2015 24  
Latest Desktop Build 2.2.5  09.10.2015 3  
Latest Desktop Build 2.2.4  06.10.2015 7  
Latest Desktop Build 2.2.3  29.09.2015 6  
Latest Desktop Build 2.2.2  23.09.2015 7  
Latest Desktop Build 2.2.1  16.09.2015 7  
Latest Desktop Build 2.2.0 09.09.2015 9  
Latest Destkop Build 2.1.4  31.08.2015 17  
Latest Desktop Build 2.1.3  14.08.2015 3  
Latest Desktop Build 2.1.2  11.08.2015 22  
Latest Desktop Build 2.1.1  20.07.2015 5  
Latest Desktop Build 2.1.0  15.07.2015 19  
Latest Desktop Build 2.0.128  26.06.2015 1  
Latest Desktop Build 2.0.127  25.06.2015 2  
Latest Desktop Build 2.0.126  23.06.2015 5  
Latest Desktop Build 2.0.125  18.06.2015 10  
Latest Desktop Build 2.0.124  08.06.2015 20  
Latest Desktop Build 2.0.120  19.05.2015 70  
Sync 2.0 Is Available  10.03.2015 33  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.110  05.02.2015 31  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.106  05.01.2015 55  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.103  11.11.2014 11  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.99  31.10.2014 14  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.93  17.10.2014 1  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.92  16.10.2014 6  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.91  10.10.2014 22  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.83  18.09.2014 2  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.82  16.09.2014 14  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.75  02.09.2014 6  
Latest Desktop Build 1.4.72  27.08.2014 27  
Latest Desktop Build 1.3.109  31.07.2014 45  
Latest Desktop Build 1.3.106  16.06.2014 28  
Latest Desktop Build 1.3.105  19.05.2014 13  
Latest Desktop Build 1.3.94  06.05.2014 19  
Latest Desktop Build 1.3.93  17.04.2014 8  
Latest Desktop Build 1.3.87  09.04.2014 1  
Latest Desktop Build 1.3.86  08.04.2014  
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It doesn't have to be the recipe. But I think that Syncting is going a good way with the monthly release updates. Sure, there are also RCs in between, it can also be just one or two. Sometimes, with a tricky problem, there are five or more.

In any case, advances in the operating systems can also be absorbed in this way. Now there is Windows 11, Android 11 and 12 and the wheel is turning on Linux as well. We can all read it here in the forum that there are enough bugs about this and about other things to justify updates for a long time. With Android it is still v2.6.4 (!) And it is increasingly possible to read about problems.

Resilio Connect is at v3.0.0 and was recently at v2.12.x. If Resilio wants to switch to Connect, some of them will jump off beforehand anyway. More and more Resilio supporters are showing up in the Syncthing forum because of the update problem. Is anyone wondering?

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