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  1. I've noticed this in log file, for quite a few files, is it something I should worry about? 2014-11-15 14:45:39] TorrentFile: Failed to create empty suffix for file "\\?\F:\video\TV shows\House M.D\season 04\House MD Season 4 Episode 12 - Don't Ever" - 32 [2014-11-15 14:45:39] FC[F4F7]: LoadTorrent: failed to load torrent for file "\\?\F:\video\TV shows\House M.D\season 04\House MD Season 4 Episode 12 - Don't Ever" thx, Tom.
  2. Just chiming in with a +1 on the issue. Log is spammed with indexing of ignored files.
  3. digging up this issue... Have updated a pair of computers to 1.4.99 The exact same issue is still present...
  4. Thanks for the effort & feedback. Looking forward to 1.4, will get back should things change!
  5. win server 2008 R2 SP1 no security software. win7 x86 K9 web protection, to limit internet browsing. btsync uses the other machine's read-only secret. I use the exact same setup at multiple locations. This one location is the only one with this symptom :-/
  6. @ Helen , the upload rate was set to 6000 and I noticed the actuel rate was 1300. I then quit btsync at both ends, and launched btsync speed increase to the transfer rate. After that I went experimenting...and found no solution. SpYro , I had read your experiences with the relay servers and tried toggling use.
  7. 2 windows machines on lan, direct connection (arrows in front of device in devices tab), rate limit local peers = true , download limits = 0, upload limits from 1kB/s up to 1300kB/s are respected properly. Upload limits > 1300kB/s result in an upload speed of 1300kB/s Upload limit = 0 saturates the connection at 11MB/s Does any one have an idea as to what could be going on ? thx, Tom.
  8. +1 for better .syncignore management 10chars.