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  1. Thanks for the useful response. Seriously though - an open sourced btsync -- especially with decent crypto built in -- with a dropbox-like backup/cloud payment model would be an absolute win in the world; with a business/profit model to boot. Just sayin.
  2. I also am a PPC Synology user of Sync, and without Sync running on my NAS, it barely makes sense to run it at all. Some questions: What is the final version of Sync available for the PPC architecture? Where can it be downloaded from? For that final PPC build, what more recent Sync versions are still compatible? (I remember in the early days, even a small peer version mismatch would wreak havoc) Please consider open sourcing this to (a) allow broad platform support without further investment, ( improve the security of the software and enable it to be used in high risk environments as a
  3. LaVir, how did you update? Did you originally install from the synocommunity, or via the package path?
  4. Add Synology 413 to the working list, using simply the package (still at 116 though)