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  1. Working on Linksys NSLU2 running Debian squeeze. I used a 16 GB USB stick, and followed this installation guide: http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/unpack/ And followed this guide to install btsync: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/18974-debian-and-ubuntu-server-packages-for-bittorrent-sync/ I used the NSLU2's 100BaseT outlet and the smb (Samba) protocol for mounting Network drives for syncing.
  2. QNAP TS-109 Pro II, firmware version: 3.3.2 Build 0918T ./btsync starts four processes. The webui prompts for username and password. Then the browser gets the initial html-code, but the four btsync processes die before any javascript or image files loads.