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  1. Hi, thank you for replying. I went ahead and did that to all my folders but it doesn't seemed to have worked for me. I was under the impression that the IgnoreList would not alter the management of files already synced. Also, for whatever reason my message is slightly different to yours in that instead of "Icon_" I have "Icon ". So I tried adding `Icon\n` instead but that doesn't seem to work either. If this were to work it is, at best, a bug workaround and not sustainable going forward; I don't want to have to change the IgnoreList for ever new Sync folder I make!
  2. While it gives me hope that you solved the issue that I too am having, it is frustrating that you didn't say how. Only band-aid I have found so far is disabling notifications in BTS/Resilio but I don't consider this a solution.
  3. Another thing that doesn't seem to be touched upon is how the Pro and Free versions will interact? If I, as the Pro owner, share folders out to Free owners, will all the permissions and other [applicable] features carry across to their access?
  4. After discovering yet again that one of my machines has removed massive chunks of files for no obvious reasons (thank you .SyncArchive for covering me!) I was wondering if it is possible to increase the transfer history log? Better yet would be an ongoing transfer history log per sync folder so as to track down wtf is going on when strange things happen.
  5. I managed to get it working as per above instructions however I turned BTSync off in the Package Manage before copying the binary file into place. Restarted in Package Manager and works. Also to change the password you can go vi /usr/local/btsync/var/sync.conf Plus syno package finally got updated. So I decided to press the button in package manager and see what happens. So far seems to work fine; so above manual update is *safe*.
  6. Ahh I had wondered about those temp doc files. I will do some tests and see if I can reproduce what happened and then see if the exclusion file helps. Also if BTSync is using a GIT structure where its mostly not going to be a GIT-friendly environment (lots of binary blob files changing all the time), then won't the .SyncTrash folder quickly become unwieldy and massive in most situations? Will there be, or is there already, provision to truncate or even automatically bracket the contents of this folder? I know tools like Synk does this as a "number of days to keep deleted files". Sure enough I found the missing 3gb in there with frozen .~lock.filname.odt files.
  7. Hey Marko, Thanks for response. Didn't realise that deleted files go somewhere - that is great! And yeah, I admit that I thought this was beta not alpha (my fault). I shall wait in heated anticipation and in meantime turn logging on and use it on smaller folders. It was roughly 45k files @ 20gb, if that is of any use.
  8. Unfortunately I didn't have logging on but I just witnessed 3gb or so of data removed from all synced machines. I decided to sync my 20gb of project/work files between a Windows 8 machine and OSX. Everything seemed to work fine until I started editing Libre Office files on OSX (not sure if this is just incidental) and then all files within the folder tree the document was in vanished with the only clue being "removed [blah] before stasrting {various paths}" and "before server sync\ {various paths}*" messages in the History tab. Luckily I backed up before diving in and only lost an hour or so work. Needless to say my confidence is totally shaken and won't be able to bring myself to using this app for anything serious until it is more stable (though who qualifies its stability I'm not sure). I was very excited about it and its prospects but so far Dropbox wins hands down, to my disappointment. Anyone have similar experience with loss of data and what could of caused it? I'd love to restore my confidence :-S