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  1. @Gane O'dwyer What are the proper folder permissions? The current situation is like this: If I copy to the NAS using AFP or SMB, the files/folders are copied using my user/group. If I copy to a sync-folder on my Mac, the files are saved to the NAS as rslsync/rslsync. Both users have full access to the synced folder(s) and the hierarchy up. Generally this work fine - except when the 'locked' message appears. Unfortunately I can't find out, what makes Sync to see the file as 'locked', because it is somwhat random. Any other idea what this could be? (Btw. the two N
  2. @Gane O'dwyerInterestingly this is only for *some* files and not for others. Sometimes it helps if I copy the file to Synology2 and then it syncs over to Synology1 - sometimes not. The mileage varies... So - why do I get a -13 error from 1 of 10 files I copy from my Mac to one of the Synologies? After some days of working fine, today I had the problem again: I can't upload a file without getting the error. - If I copy the file to my Mac's Sync folder, it sometimes works, but sometimes it happens, that one of the Synologies gets the file and the other throws the 'file locked' me
  3. So the locking problem is back I try to sync on 2 x Macs and 2 x Synology, where all have the latest Resilio Sync version and identical Date/Time-settings and NTP-connections. There are a couple of files which won't sync. If I delete these files and re-upload (even under a different name), the problem appears again. But it seems to be dependent on: from WHERE I upload the file. Both Macs are synching fine! The log on Synology 1 sais: [20180301 08:13:43.528] Entry "/volume2/OFFICE 2016/Testfile.csv" was updated, current state: pvi[type:1 s:120203 mt:1519831315 h:], exp
  4. It looks more like a bug... after re-launching Sync the 'invalid time' message is gone (and also didn't appear again)...
  5. I have the same problem since today (after installing Apple's latest software security update - as of 2018-02-21). I re-verified ALL my connected peers and they have all the same time (since they all access the same ntp). Resilio Sync still says 'Invalid time'. Unfortunately there's nothing in the logs (or wherever) which indicates which of the peers it thinks there is a problem... Any hint? thx andy
  6. OK - here's how I got it working: - I just mount my shared volumes on the Mac as AFP (not SMB) Now everything works fine on all machines... (it might have something to do with Synology's SMB 'opportunistic locking' ... dunno)
  7. Just before I wrote the comment, I updated everything to 2.5.12 (1911) When I add a file on Syno1 (using FileStation) it syncs fine. Everything syncs fine on my Macs. When I add files through Finder (onto the Syno Mount) it doesn't sync. I just saw, that most of the files have the correct rights and some has a user rslsync... Do I explicitely add a user rslsync to the Synologies?
  8. Is there any news to this problem? I just tried to add a folder from my old Synology 412+ (6.2) to my new Synology 718+ (6.2). And as soon as I add a file from my Mac to one of the Synology folders (using smb), I am getting the exact 'locked' file error... Now I have 3 sync folders and everything has a different state. I restarted the Synologies Sync, re-added the folders, changed/verified permissions, but nothing worked. Any idea - except using 2.3.8?