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  1. Also, It's good to add BTSync to "Send to.." menu. In a word, accelerating user's operate results in better user experience.
  2. Is there a plan to add I18N feature? I think I can contribute Chinese translate.
  3. I think a protocol provider like ed2k:// or magnet:// bind to BTSync is good for sharing.
  4. Drag-Drop folder to BTSync to share. It's easy to implement, easy to use, isn't it?
  5. Ugrade from peer I've seen some LAN IM program that can upgrade itself from peer. I think this feature is valuable for peers application to keep updated.
  6. Computer A & Computer B share a folder. When Computer A turned offline for some reasons (network error, update BTSync version, etc.), I delete some files. After Computer A turned online, the deleted files are transfered from Computer B. Is it possible to record the file tree version in order to judge after the connection recovered? Thanks.
  7. I've 4 computers with Win8 x64 and BitTorrent Sync 1.1.15 in the same LAN, and each computer can access the internet and has turned firewall off. Each computer can access ftp, http, etc. service to each other. Both of them shared a BTSync folder, but there is a little chance for one computer to see another. In the other word, the "Devices" tab in BitTorrent Sync is nearly always empty! The same environment works before. What's the matter? How to fix it?
  8. Nice to see 1.1.12 released, but this problem isn't in the fixed list yet. Is this problem in schedule ? Will you please tell us the probable date? Thank you !
  9. Will bitToorrent Sync use forwardslash in .SyncIgnore in both Windows and *nix? It keep .SyncIgnore file unique.
  10. Will you please disclose some infomation about the schedule of this issue? Thank you!
  11. I've read .SyncIgnore with my friends but can't quite understand the meaning, excuse me for my poor English. [A] .SyncIgnore ... will not work with the files that have already been synced. If you add indexed files to .SyncIgnore, they will be deleted on other syncing devices. [A] and seems inconsistent ? And what shall I do to achieve this goal: Ignore some .ini and .log file from both ComputerA and ComputerB, keep them changing in local, don't delete any of them?
  12. Provide a local http server to download a single file shared by others without sync the whole directory. I think it's a excite feature to let BtSync open a local http port and provide a url like http://localhost:8888/RLWMZLTGUSUMV5DBWK3VLBBZ5XXXXXXXX/readme.pdf
  13. Option to reserve both conflicted files. I think it's useful to reserve both conflicted files like DropBox's behavior. It prevents user from loosing important data.
  14. I've a NAS to store files that won't changed frequently, and the motor of fan is hibernated during the idle time(5 min without IO), to reduce the power and noise. When it receive IO request, the motor of fan start to run and after 15 sec, the file system is readable. So, if the interval is set to 10 min, my NAS nearly always works in full speed and make a lot of noise.