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  1. Hello, the last version is working well for me (1.3.93) between 2 mac and 1 win. I have just one file which is not sync, a aaa.mp4\com.apple.ResourceFork With hidden files visible, on mac and pc, i can't see this files, like if it would not exist. But bittroent says that it can't sync. I have this in the log : [2014-04-18 09:39:13] \\?\UNC\...\aaa.mp4\com.apple.ResourceFork: Piece 0 complete[2014-04-18 09:39:13] TorrentFile: applying stream "\\?\UNC\...\aaa.mp4\com.apple.ResourceFork" to file "\\?\UNC\...\aaa.mp4"[2014-04-18 09:39:13] TorrentFile: CopyFrom: "\\?\UNC\...\aaa.mp4\com.apple.ResourceFork" "\\?\UNC\...\aaa.mp4.com.apple.ResourceFork.!sync"[2014-04-18 09:39:13] [SyncFolderNotify] Processing fs event [2014-04-18 09:39:14] Torrent \\?\UNC\...\aaa.mp4\com.apple.ResourceFork status:152 error:PostDownload: Le chemin d’accès spécifié est introuvable. meta:1 conns:0 io:0[2014-04-18 09:39:14] Force unloading torrent \\?\UNC\...\aaa.mp4\com.apple.ResourceFork
  2. thank you for your work, i'm going to try this new version Sorry for asking, but how you do that ?
  3. Switch back to 1.2.92, all sync if 2 minutes... with 1.3.90, Not sync in 24h
  4. well, it's smelling realy bad. After one day and one night syncing, it's not finished yet. On the pc, it's still not responding, and lots of Go are not syncing... Some folders appears then disappears and appears again 1.2.91 was working so well, and it's not working at all anymore...
  5. I updated for 1.3.90 (no annoucement on the forum but it's on the download page), but it's exactly the same problem
  6. Hello, i've updated from 1.2.91 (or somethng like this) to 1.3.87. On windows 7, it's not reponding major of the time... Seems to be running, but i can't acces on the screen, it's not responding. On mac everything's ok. I've a lot og Go and folders and everything is re syncing after updated.
  7. Hello, i had a problem with a sync that bittorent wasn't want to finish. I look into the log file, and i found two issues. [2014-02-12 21:24:50.175] SyncFilesController: finished periodic scan, checking for missing files[2014-02-12 21:24:50.175] SyncFilesController: folder\aaa\aaa.psd pieces: 412/412 state: 1 time: 1391760249 mtime: 1391760212[2014-02-12 21:24:50.176] SyncFilesController: Cancelling processing periodic result - file "folder\aaa\aaa.psd" still exists on disk[2014-02-12 21:24:50.176] SyncTrashFolder: Sync trash scan for folder "\\?\E:\fff\.SyncArchive" started, max file age = 30 days[2014-02-12 21:24:50.177] SyncTrashFolder: Sync trash scan for folder "\\?\E:\fff\.SyncArchive" finishedi rename then it was ok. Extension: ipv4:[xx.xxx.xxx.xx] for '\\?\E:\folder\aaa.xls'[2014-02-12 21:49:32.440] Torrent \\?\E:\folder\aaa.xls status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:0 io:0[2014-02-12 21:49:32.440] Force unloading torrent \\?\E:\folder\aaa.xlsthe same, i rename. each time i open the xls file, bittorrent wasn't able to complete the sync. I saved the file into a xlsx file and then it was ok. So i found a solution, but i don't understand what happended.
  8. Ok, i'm gonna to make others tests, turn on debbug, and come back to tell you.
  9. After startup, sync starts. But it doesn't find changes that i have done on the network hard drive with another network computer. For exemple, if both the pc and the mac are shut down, or just the pc, if with another computer, i change or delete some files on the network drive, bittorent sync doesn't see any changes after startup. It's sounds like it cannot see the change because it was asleep. If files changes after startup, everything's ok. I don"t realy know how to explain. It's like bittorent sync will work only if it's start up on the machine where i do changes. Like if i take a sync usb drive, put on another computer without btsync, delete some files, mount on the good computer with bittorent sync, and then bittorent sync says "ok changes you've done on the other computer will not be sync here" The UI tells everything is sync, and only show new changes done after. Il will turn on debug mode and see what happen. thank you.
  10. Hello, i've a folder sync between a local folder on a mac, and a network folder via windows, mount as a local folder. When both computer are wake up, everything's ok. But when both computer are shut down, or just mac, i can still have acces on my network folder with others computers (computers without btsync, but i can still add or delete files on the network folder, sync on the pc). When i restart my pc, bitorrent sync check the folder, and find that evertyhing is ok. All changes on the network folder aren't synchronize with mac folder. If a change new things with both computer open, new changes are sync, but not changes done before. Is there a reason for this ? thank you
  11. After updated, nothing changed. So i've edited the psd file on my pc, save it, then it works on mac. But it was like this before. The problem is when sync is mac to Pc, if the file is corrupted, then i can't open it. I'm not sure, but it's seems to be a problem with mac os files. PC to mac, the file seems to be ok on the pc. Well, i have lots of files (about 60000) and it's just on few files, but it's annoying if it's an important file.
  12. Yes, thank you. It'd strange, when i check updates in bittorrentsync app (PC or MAC), it doesn't see updates... Well i update, check debug log file and tell you.
  13. Hello, my bittorrentsync is up to date, so it's 1.2.68 on the mac, i think the same or the last version on PC. The setup is defaut, so i can read and write on all my computers (mac or pc). I'm using it on local only, but i didn't force local sync, i used defaut setup. I didn't activated the debbuging option, but if i activate it, my files don't change so there is nothing particular in the log file. And all files are working, just few psd and raw files have problems with a problem with end of file. (i didn't notice problems with other types of files)
  14. Hello, i have a strange trouble. Some files on my PC, when they are synced to my mac, are unable to open on the mac. It tells me a message "unexpected end of file" (or something like this, it's in french for me). I have this with psd files or some raw files (cr2, or pentax files). So on the mac i can't open thoses files, but they are ok on the PC.
  15. I don't try enable debug logging, because before i see your answer, i tried "a better finder rename", so i rename all files not compatible with windows, and it's ok now. So it would be probably a problem with name renaming compatibility between mac & pc !
  16. Thank you. Yes i checked, nothing is open. I start several times computers, but it doesn't change anything. Is there a way to check what files are not sync ?
  17. On the pc, every folder are makerked "sync", but not on the mac, it's like the screenshot...
  18. Hello, i'm syncing somes folders between a mac and a pc. But some of them are marked "sync" on the pc, and not on the mac, or some folders never end to sync. On the screenshot, nothing happen for some days. And i don't know wich files are stayings in the queue. Is it a problem between hide files on mac and pc ? Or between ntfs and hfs ? Thank you
  19. I think it's due to "in live" sync, but why bittorent sync do not consider the folder renaming ?
  20. For those who not understand what the !sync files are, you can see the unofficial faq Now i understant differents files, and i simply add a rule in syncignore. But in further version, it would be better to hide these !sync files
  21. Hello, when i am renaming a folder, the old one re-sync immediatly with lots of !sync files, i have to delete this one a lots of times, it reappears severals times...
  22. Hello, i'm using bittorrent sync, and with lightroom, i have some !sync files. When we use lightroom, some temp files are created, and delete when lightroom is closed. It seems that bittorrent can't syncrhonize thes temp files, but i'm not sure. So qhat are these !sync files, and what to do with those ? Do i have to delete them, but you say no ?