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  1. Please do not compare with 1password ! mega expensive because you have to buy licence for each OS !!
  2. @RomanZ no, sorry, nothing special happened before or after. I just retried, then it works after few minutes...
  3. Good argument i understand, but if you just create an identity on each computer, then you are free to share a folder like on 1.4, so i don't see any problem in this new feature. So ok, you can choose not to love it, but you are free to use or NOT i don't know the expression in english, but "who can do more can do less". In that case it's true, you can choose to use 2.0 folders or 1.4 if you prefer. In my case, i have one identity, 3 computers, so this new way is ok. If i want to share with friends, family, or pro, i can just generate a full or temporary key, and it's like on 1.4 really i can't see what's the problem cause you can choose the way you want And by the way, just shift clic on "+" to add folder, then you have a 1.4 folder the way you love So you do not even need to use the 2.0 folder
  4. you have more control, not less, so it's not regression... Use is easy and you can control what you want, if you use just at home or office, with only one identity, you just have to configure and it's really easy...
  5. complex on what ? on first install, you go in btsync prefs, my device > this devis > new folders : disconnected that's all folks ! pretty hard hum ? And do you know demo software that you can "disable demo" unless you uninstall it ?
  6. hello, i would copy files on both computers and then sync it. You just have to copy in the exact same place in the main folder
  7. Hello everyone, i understand all things i've read on this forum, with the new price etc... Like lots of people, i find that it's expensive for the job, like i tell on another post, some backup solutions are just a little more expensive, but they need storage etc. Anyway i'm not here to talk about this. But i read that lots of people have problems to sync with this 2.0 version, but honnestly it does the job very well, people think that like it's not a beta anymore, there is no more problems, but hey do you know some software without update ? Ok 10 folders is limited, i'd prefer no limitation, or a personnal use cheaper and without have to pay every years, but i have no problems with this version. I always have problems with betas, and since 2.0 is out it's ok. I use 7 folders, with more than 2To sync, and all is ok. I don't like that you cannot know the status easily. But i like in folder there is no more ".sync" file, and there is a "bts" file with status of transfer. So ok i think like other people, they must adjust the price of pro version, and limitation of free, but why changing to another sync software ? Please if you have good arguments, explain to me, maybe i miss something, but for me this version is nice, and i don't plane to move to another. Pretty sure that if they move to a reasonable price i'll take the pro version. hope you like my english guys
  8. yes, because in the 1.4 beta, there were no restriction. Pro version have to got more features, maybe to sync more than billion of go, and i don't know, a feature you use only as a pro. free version doesn't have to got less features than 1.4 beta.
  9. 40$ one time for each major release (2.0/3.0 etc), or 10$ a year. i pay 60$/year for backblaze, which is an online backup. They've got a lot of server and million of hard disc to save lots and lots of things. Currently i've saved almost 2To online So actually, 40$/year just to use sync on my own hardware is way too crazy expensive.
  10. sorry if my english is so bad ! it wasn't a question, i just said that i had this error, when i tried to had a 2.0 folder. i have just retry a couple of time and then it worked.
  11. Who promise to give 10 or 20$ for a life license personal use, for 2.0, and as much for each major release ? I would I'm sure there will be lots of people to do so. many more than actual option
  12. Hello, i've updated to 2.0, and there is no more status icon, and status column is empty ? noway to know if it synced or not... The only way is to clic on peers, the "!" and then you can know if it sync or not. Anyway to have status faster in general window ?
  13. Hello, i had this error, a couple of time, but after redo and redo some times, i could have sync my computers. Maybe try again ?
  14. hello first, it means that you have just update, if you want 2.0 folders you need to remove then readd everything
  15. @RomanZ ok thank @enterfornone i don't know, it's seems that it's for non owner machines
  16. i agree and I understand some of arguments i read on thoses pages. It's true that if the price would be lot cheaper, like 10$, i'm sure that all of people won't hesitate to pay, maybe even if a subscription. In my case, you're true, i am not ready to pay 40$ a year and every year, because we don't really know what is next step and free version is enough for me. I'm pretty sure i would pay for 2.0 for 10$ and 10$ more for 3.0 or other major update. Maybe staff have to make a step to users and users will follow btsync staff and support way more their work. i remerber sugar sync, a dropbox like, which tells users "warning we're going to update and it will cost xxx$, there is xx weeks remaining" BTsync should have do the same and asking community for what they would be ready to pay for, and what solution they'd like, subscription, pay once. I think a fix low price to start, and then each customer could put his own price above the fix price.
  17. Ok then, thank you, but how to convert 1.4 folder to 2.0 ? Maybe i have to delete all folders and re-add them ? and do i need to do it ?
  18. @Wync there are some other place to discuss about this
  19. If tomorrow i'll need more than 10 folders, i'm sure i will pay, cause i don't know any other program to do this so well. I would prefer 20€ anyway, but that's ok... Maybe staff should have warned it will be paid software and implement a survey to know how many users were willing to pay for this service. I don't really understand, cause almost everybody use dropbox for 1 folder and just few Go, and so what ? Some people pay for pro dropbox for 1 To ! If you need more than 10 folders, maybe you need pro version because you are using it as a pro So what is 35$ ?
  20. Hello, the same here, what do i need to do with 1.4 folders ?
  21. Hello everyone, i'd like to say that i don"t really understand what you people are saying. Before 2.0, i could have read lots of people that said "ok i would pay if need 'cause btsync is awesome !" Today 2.0 is out, and everybody cries "it's a shame blablabla". Come on, is everything in life is free ? Well, maybe for free version i would have put 20 folders, and i would have put the price as maybe 20$ a year, but what is really wrong with this new version ? 10 folders is not so bad and honnestly do you know a better software to do all that stuff ? dropbox is 100$ a year for 1To. Myself i have 7 folders and almost 4 To sync with btsync, and today a would have no idea to what to use if i would uninstall btsync. Ok so maybe BTsync staff, please put something like 20 folders in free version, maybe reconsider the price a little bit cheaper, but please everyone are you really thinking 2.0 is as bad ? Or did i miss something in new version that really sucks ?
  22. Hello, issue has been solved with help of support. Thank you ! For people in my case, i had some files which didn't sync, it was permissions problems. I don't know what exaclty or why, but some files were still in to sync list, authorizations were ok, so i've just renamed files and after it was ok. Thank to support team !
  23. Hello, i have an issue with this error. I have multiple folders on some discs. With two of them, i sometimes eject the disc, cause i need in another place. names are : 1-Films 2-Graph If i deconnect thoses discs, i have two error : 1-Film "Folder not found" -> this one's ok 2-Clips "Cannot identify the destination folder" so the first one is a normal error, but the second one is rename, if i double clic on it, the link is on another folder in another disc, where it shouldn't be, it just would be offline. So i have to remove the folder from bittorrent sync, and re add it. It's not long, but i have to do this each time i disconnect this particular disc. Is there a way to soluce it ? Btsync 1.4.11 mac os yosemite thank you.
  24. Maybe it's the same problem as this discussion : http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/31918-out-of-sync-no-peers-online/page-8?hl=sync i've sent you both logs files. Thank you
  25. Hello, i have three folder on the same disk, and two of them are out of sync. The first sync has been ok, but since this first sync it's out of sync, even if it seems to sync some times. Is it an known issue, do you need log files ? it's the same on each machine i have the last version 1.4.110, but it was the same with previous. I had the two last folder few days ago, and the first folder a long time ago. Thanks you