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  1. Thanks for the great support! Works now perfectly
  2. I'm unable to upload a file to your fancy report form... I have uploaded the logs to my server and sent you the link in the description. But I cannot upload a 3GB dumpfile to my little webserver...
  3. Yes sure Windows 10 without symlinks. Worked perfectly on BTSync Verisons < 2.3
  4. Since I applied the 2.3 update, Sync is slowly eating all my RAM until it crashes. I can provide Logs on request
  5. Hi I have empty UI and > 200k Files in sync. RAM consumption is not a problem right now
  6. Hi I also have the issue that the web UI is empty. After 1 < X < 100 refreshes it appears sometimes...
  7. Same problem here. When I stop syncing the problem is still here.... [2015-06-14 16:07:46] SF[E6B5]: Will try to find peer for file