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  1. Thanks for the great support! Works now perfectly
  2. I'm unable to upload a file to your fancy report form... I have uploaded the logs to my server and sent you the link in the description. But I cannot upload a 3GB dumpfile to my little webserver...
  3. Yes sure Windows 10 without symlinks. Worked perfectly on BTSync Verisons < 2.3
  4. Since I applied the 2.3 update, Sync is slowly eating all my RAM until it crashes. I can provide Logs on request
  5. Okay I think I resolved my issue. What I did: - removing the folders on all clients - readding the folders on the "master" client - reconnecting the folders on all other clients I noticed that before that my folders were "pro" folders, althouigh I didn't have pro. Now they are all "1.4" folders but it works again. The Ui opens fast and the CPu is not consuming 100% anymore. Thanks
  6. Ok, it seems that the UI is running on the same thread as the "server". I don't know hot btsync is built but this could lead to bad UI responses. I have following output on Chrome: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) .../template.jswebui.js:2 startjquery-1.11.1.js:9592 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check webui.js:15 init languagewebui.js:51 checking browserwebui.js:73 checking user termswebui.js:99 initing store and global thanks for the support so far
  7. Thanks I tried the solution from hechtmay but no difference. I noticed that if the btsync daemon uses a lot of CPU, the web ui loads after about 1 minute....
  8. As far as I can read from the top command on UNIX, my btsync process is using 70-100% of CPU of one core. So maybe considering multithreading could lead to more performance.
  9. Hi I have empty UI and > 200k Files in sync. RAM consumption is not a problem right now
  10. Hi, I have this issue with the newest Build of sync 2.2.5, the GUI stays empty when calling it from the browser
  11. Hi I also have the issue that the web UI is empty. After 1 < X < 100 refreshes it appears sometimes...
  12. Same problem here. When I stop syncing the problem is still here.... [2015-06-14 16:07:46] SF[E6B5]: Will try to find peer for file
  13. It would be awesome to have the option to limit versioning with a unlimited ttl.
  14. Selective sync on the Windows/MAC client would be really nice!
  15. Hi I also noticed the comparatively high cpu usage. On my 2Core qnap NAS using top to monitor btsync uses 3.9% - 6% CPU. Compared to Dropbox which uses 0.1%. These numbers show when nothing is synced Would be nice if there would be some improvement