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  1. Hi @Remirus: Thanks, that new binary you sent works like a charm - I'm able to invoke btsync using the "--config" option in my non-IPv6 kernel. I'm going to post a link to a howto if anyone else is interested in getting btsync on kindles. It's pretty useful at work - I download a bunch of pdfs to read, and I just pick up my kindle and I can read and highlight. I try not to sit down at a workstation all day. Thanks again.
  2. I have an update: sync works when I invoke it using: ./btsync without --config btsync.conf. HOWEVER, I would like to use a configuration file because I have not gained access to the webui and thus have no way to change settings. When I attempt to connect to the webui, (invoking --webui.listen on load) the website request hangs. There is no graphical interface or browser on the server. I can't figure out why the webui won't load, but perhaps it is the limited amount of resources on the server. In another post, I see that lack of IPv6 kernel support may cause crashes when btsync is invoked using --config btsync.conf. Is there a way to fix that issue? See this post. To spoil the surprise, the device I am using is a kindle paperwhite.
  3. Hello everyone! I've been trying to btsync onto an older device with ARM architecture running linux kernel 2.6. To avoid using the webui because of limited resources, I am running btsync using a config file which identifies the shared folder. The problem is that the kernel does not support IPv6 (I think), and when I boot btsync, it crashes immediately. When I ./btsync --config btsync.conf I get the following result in my log: [05:06:51.041] Debug log mask has been set to FFFFFFFF [05:06:51.042] Features mask has been set to 0 [20160417 05:06:51.049] Configuration from file "/mnt/us/btsync/btsync.conf" has been applied [20160417 05:06:51.083] ZIP: Can't locate [version] in zip, error -100. [20160417 05:06:51.090] PLC[0x008b0290] binding on [20160417 05:06:51.091] Socket[0x008b0290][8] bound listening socket 8 to IP [20160417 05:06:51.092] UDP: bound listening socket 9 to IP [20160417 05:06:51.101] Unable to listen for HTTP traffic on port 0. Exiting... [20160417 05:06:51.113] test sha1: A sha1 key______ [20160417 05:06:51.114] test sha2: 6 sha2 key______ [20160417 05:06:51.119] test aes: 0 aes key______ [20160417 05:06:51.122] Loading config file version 2.3.6, current version 2.3.6 [20160417 05:06:51.124] My PeerID: 1 peer ide______ [20160417 05:06:51.125] LC: LoadLicenses: there is no pro license [20160417 05:06:51.142] JOURNAL[F779]: Loading database with path "/mnt/us/btsync/.sync/7AA9D082D81D9B688D96158EEBC05039B9ABF779.1.db" [20160417 05:06:51.177] saved history: 0 events [20160417 05:06:51.179] Shutdown. Saving config sync.dat [20160417 05:06:51.195] FC[F779]: start reading DB [20160417 05:06:51.196] FC[F779]: end reading DB [20160417 05:06:51.199] SyncFolderScanner: Adding notifier "/mnt/us/btsync/btsync-test" name "/mnt/us/btsync/btsync-test" [20160417 05:06:51.200] SyncFolderNotify: Added path=/mnt/us/btsync/btsync-test with fd=1 [20160417 05:06:51.201] SyncFolderNotify: Added path=/mnt/us/btsync/btsync-test/.sync with fd=2 [20160417 05:06:51.203] SyncFolderNotify: /mnt/us/btsync/btsync-test/.sync/Archive is in ignore list [20160417 05:06:51.203] JOURNAL[F779]: Loaded folder /mnt/us/btsync/btsync-test, SA = 1 [20160417 05:06:51.205] SF[F779]: start reading '/mnt/us/btsync/.sync/7AA9D082D81D9B688D96158EEBC05039B9ABF779.availability [20160417 05:06:51.206] JOURNAL[F779]: failed to read '/mnt/us/btsync/.sync/7AA9D082D81D9B688D96158EEBC05039B9ABF779.availability [20160417 05:06:51.207] FolderConfigCache: Initializing domain config.getsync.com: [20160417 05:06:51.208] Cached trackers: [20160417 05:06:51.208] Cached relays: [20160417 05:06:51.208] Cached mobile proxies: [20160417 05:06:51.209] Refresh interval from cache: 3600 [20160417 05:06:51.215] Error while adding folder /mnt/us/btsync/btsync-test: Selected folder is already added to BitTorrent Sync. [20160417 05:06:51.216] JOURNAL[F779]: Setup entry job "ChangeOverwriteModeMessage" for path "", next state is "SKIP", queue size 1 0 0 [20160417 05:06:51.218] loaded history: 0 events [20160417 05:06:51.219] ScheduledTask: "FixFSErrors" invoked: immediately, reason:InitTasks I believe the important line is "Unable to listen for HTTP traffic on port 0. Exiting..." In another post, Support said that the even if you disable it, the webui launches in IPv6 instead of IPv4. I tried enabling the webui in the config with the same result. Is there any way to resolve this so I can run btsync? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Run as a service - Thank you and great work!!
  5. @RomanZ et al.: Thank you. You all have done great work. As others have discussed, I am also really happy with the new licensing structure. I will bring up BTSync at my employer's next meeting.
  6. Great work! Thank you. I have one question: After installing the 2.2.0, the "enable debug logging" option is on by default. Is this intended?
  7. Hi RomanZ: Does this release resolve the issue where files go blank (filesize is zero)? If not, is there any difference between the syncing protocol between 1.4 and 2.0? Thanks very much, Patrick
  8. @RomanZ - I will do so. I'm working night and day until Tuesday, but I'll do so then. Best, Patrick
  9. @RomanZ - I would love to test the experimental version if you think it would help.
  10. @RomanZ Thanks for the answer. I will try to get logs for the other peers and reproduce the problem. Will that be useful to identify a bug, or is this unique to me?
  11. @RomanZ The problem did not occur today - worked like a charm. Could it be that the catalog file was locked by BTSync while it was comparing? It is a very large file - about 2.6 GB. Perhaps you're right that it is the same issue as with office files.
  12. @RomanZ From what I understand, some programs save an empty file first, then fill it with data.(?) Based on the logs I sent in, the empty file syncs with the other peers, but then overwrites newer files with data with the old blank file. The file below was a pdf saved with a network scanner to peer 44F1 (filename "20141126185459.pdf"). These debug log excerpts are from peer AD63. [2014-11-26 17:50:56] FC[C5F4]: got file from remote ( 20141126185459.pdf state: 1 type: empty total:0 have:0 t:1417053056 mt:1417053050 ot:38233 o:peer ADCA h:0000000000000000000000000000000000000000Then, this peer (AD63) overwrites the file on peer ODBA: [2014-11-26 17:50:57] MC[C5F4] [0DBA]: Local file 20141126185459.pdf is newer than remote t:1417053056/1417053051 ot:839/55829 o:this peer (AD63)/peer 0DBAFinally, peer 7402 overwrites the empty file on this peer (AD63) with another empty file. [2014-11-26 17:51:02] MC[C5F4] [7402]: Local file 20141126185459.pdf is older than remote t:1417053056/1417053066 ot:839/79281 o:this peer (AD63)/peer 44F1This behavior is very strange. I can't figure out what is going on. The clocks are all within a second of each other. Edit: It appears that the time difference between the files is very small - though I don't know exactly how to read the time codes. There are no app crashes, or kills on linux (no linux box online). Could it be that the clock offsets for the various machines are off? What would cause a peer to write an mtime in the future? There may have been a forceful kill in the past - would that cause these problems? How can I fix this? Should I uninstall and reinstall on every peer?
  13. I've had similar problems with Lightroom. In an older version (1.4.91?) where I could not open my Lightroom catalog (Win 8.1 x64). I only synced the Lightroom files with one slow Linux backup machine. I have a big catalog of photos (139,454 Files, 82,378 Folders). Deleting the preview data (lrdata I think) enabled me to restore the catalog. Today, I wanted to test Lightroom to see if there were any issues in the current version of sync (1.4.103). I did not modify any photos or the Lightroom catalog. As Lightroom began to do its regular backup of the catalog (lrcat file) when I closed it, I got the following message: There is 500 GB of free space on the drive where Lightroom saves its backups.
  14. Hi everyone: I've been having a problem where files are overwritten by older blank files. This occurs several times per day and I've stopped using sync across 8 peers (instead, saving files in a non-synced folder temporarily). I've sent in debug logs after duplicating the problem. Is there any way to troubleshoot this issue short of uninstalling sync and reinstalling? I have about 15-20 folders synced on 8 peers and that process could take awhile. Is there an index or cache I could clear first? Thanks.
  15. @RomanZ The image that you couldn't open from my last post is just a screenshot showing the number of locked files as -4. Is there a known bug with locked files showing negative numbers, or do you want more information? Would debug logs help?
  16. @RomanZ I noticed the following issue with the locked file notification this a.m.: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/3ONu1FPeeJJUA82ErGlXJtCtZFwFGIaLL6V4nKuCf8euxLqnLdN4AIwUjf-RVFgL72ba=w1896-h859 (I couldn't figure out how to post the image inline) Do you want logs from this computer? Thanks.
  17. Dear RomanZ and everyone: Since updating everyone to 1.4.103, I have experienced continual data loss where empty files from remote peers overwrite newer files (with data) on the local machine. I have noticed the problem specifically with Word docs and PDFs. Looking at the debug log, it appears various remote peers have a timestamp that is a few milliseconds newer than the local file. Data has been overwritten three machines that I know of and by different remote peers. I have seven peers total. I am perplexed. I receive the following entry in my debug log when this occurs: [2014-11-21 18:52:49] FC[C5F4]: got file from remote ( filename.pdf state: 1 type: empty total:0 have:0 t:1416624770 mt:1416624766 ot:791 o:__________ h:0000000000000000000000000000000000000000I sent my logs into support, but I was wondering if you have any initial thoughts about this. Has anyone else had this problem?
  18. My school was also blocking BTSync for awhile. I'm pretty sure they were blocking packets destined for the BTSync relay server. I simply sent an email to the IT department and requested that they remove the block. I explained that BTSync is used primarily to sync personal data across devices and not to pirate copyrighted content. I told my school that BTSync is a powerful tool for education and business. They stopped blocking it. Otherwise, maybe a VPN to your home network? I do site-to-site vpn across work and home and BTSync sees work computers as on the LAN.
  19. Either long pathname or ignorelist bug I have 8 peers, all Win 7 x64 or 8.1 x64. Many files have pathnames longer than 260 characters. Two days ago, I noticed that one folder had a duplicate with a truncated name: e.g. "Share/Current Work/..." in same folder as "Share/CURREN~1/..." The truncated folder only had a couple files in it, and many empty subfolders. The regular folder was still present and all of its data seemingly intact. I resolved this problem in BTSync 1.3 by modifying the .syncignore files to include the following: *~*~**~Accordingly, I modified one workstation's ignorelist so that any file or folder with a tilda would be ignored. This is where I think I encountered the bug: The files inside the truncated folder and the regular folder disappeared on all peers. Immediately, I changed the ignorelist back to its default, restarted all workstations, and began the tedious process of restoring data. This took approximately 5 hours for tens of thousands of files. Finally, when all the files were back to their original state (at 3 a.m.), the data loss occurred again. Originally, the loss occurred (I think) because I modified the ignorelist to include any file with a tilda, but now, the ignorelist was back to default. I don't know what caused the data loss the second time. Finally, to restore the data again, I completely uninstalled BitTorrent Sync from every machine, restarted them all, then reinstalled BitTorrent Sync and started from scratch. Luckily I had a backup this time, but I was up all night. What I think: I think there is some conflict with BTSync and long pathnames. This happened in 1.3 also, where truncated/shortened folders (with a tilda) would appear next to the normal folders. Additionally, I think BTSync must rely on truncated names because when I edited ignorelist to ignore all files with tildas, normal folders also disappeared. However, I have no clue what caused the data loss the second time. Bittorrent Sync was running with default settings (no changes to ignorelist), and all on version 1.4.82. I have no other software that would interfere. Please let me know if you need additional information. I don't have logs, unfortunately, as this happened out of the blue.
  20. Hello! I've been using BTSync since the early public stages and so far, I've only participated by submitting a bug, and so far not in the forums. On this major release, I wanted to say thanks to the BTSync team and give my two (three) cents: First, I really like the peer approval feature. I saw that as a security issue that is now fixed. Great work! Second, I think the appearance of the new GUI is beautiful (the animated icons, fading, subtle patterns, uniformity), but there are a few functional aspects that seem less intuitive: -As someone mentioned, adding a key by clicking on the settings icon. -To see syncing devices, the new UI has a popup that blocks other information and only displays the devices for one share. As another user mentioned, I spent all my time in the "device" tab because that showed all the important information: what devices were connected, what folders were syncing, and their sync status. I think an expandable nested list (or something) below each share that shows the information from the old devices tab would be invaluable. I don't think there is one screen where it is possible to see all this information in the new UI. -The history data log is less detailed. Additionally, it is not real time as with the old interface. For simple debugging, the basic error information and additional sync data was really helpful. -There is a lot of white space around text. I think it's harder to read because it's harder to tell what columns line up together than when the words are closer together. The lines between the rows in the list of files being synced improves legibility. More blank space also means less information is displayed. -More clicks are required to see information. -Global transfer speed gone. I liked that information. -I like that the new interface lists the total number of users connected of all users. That is a nice touch. Third, potential bugs?: -Can't resize columns. This makes it tough to use this version right now. -When adding a key using a "h++ps://link.getsync.com/..." hyperlink and selecting the directory (for instance C:\users\user\desktop), once I choose the directory, BTSync adds a subfolder to the intended directory. e.g. C:\users\user\desktop\desktop. When adding a key using the key itself, there is no problem. I don't know if this is the intended behavior. -When adding a new key using the key itself, there is no peer approval, though perhaps that is impossible to implement. Edit: I just noticed the Android app: it looks fantastic! Edit #2: Does the Android app really only allow read-only access to its shares (especially photos) now? Edit #3: To allow read/write access to camera folder, you have to first disable simple mode in settings, then copy the QR code or key from a computer (because it only allows read only if initiated on the phone). That is not very intuitive - maybe there is a simpler way. I hope this was helpful. I know its a work in progress and a new version. I only want to help improve the software, not nitpick, so if it comes across that way, I apologize. Thanks BTSync team!
  21. RomanZ: First: thanks for the work you have put into this wonderful software. I have a similar issue connecting to peers, but not on my LAN. I have eight nodes across four LANs (all Win. 7 updated to 1.3.67). However, when I take my laptop to my school's network, it cannot locate any peers while all 8 are online. I'm sure my school has a restrictive firewall, but with version 1.2.91 of BTSync, I was able to sync from the restrictive firewalled network. Just curious, does the tracker facilitate a handshake among peers so that BTSync traffic can get through NAT by publishing peer IPs and internal and external ports? I have not yet had a chance to restart any computer since the update (except the laptop), so I will try that first tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I can send debug logs. Again, sincerely, thanks for this awesome software. I think the BT team is really onto something.