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  1. I haven't used any myself, but there are lots listed here:
  2. Sounds like you should probably head over to the Feature Requests forum.
  3. Glad to hear you don't consider Sync to be a backup solution, my comment about that was meant to be general, not accusatory. As with most synchronization and backup solutions, when Sync periodically indexes a share, it only looks for metadata changes (times, sizes). Anything else would be too resource intensive. Sync only looks at the content when it's actually preparing to propagate changes. As long as bit rot doesn't affect the metadata, it won't propagate spontaneously. There are other solutions to the bit-rot problem involving the periodic generation of hashes on filesystem content - w
  4. Yes, and this is one reason why no synchronization solution should be seen as a backup solution. In your case one approach would be to backup the most important content from your NAS to another bit-rot resistant destination. Note that Sync will not spontaneously propagate bit rot, it will only happen if you modify a file and trigger Sync to transfer it.
  5. Sorry, I missed the detail about sharing a file, not a folder. If your goal is to give people access to a torrent, you could use S3.
  6. Unfortunately, this is entirely possible. Imagine a file has been silently corrupted on your iMac. You make a small change to that file on your iMac and don't notice the bit rot. When you save your changes, the corrupted file will sync back to your NAS.
  9. You should find the More options link at the bottom of the Advanced preferences tab.
  10. +1 for compression - probably wouldn't need to be optional with something like LZ4.
  11. This mirror has PPC: