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  1. Well I guess that was the problem, a plain kill without the -3 saves the setting. I misunderstood the purpose of the QUIT signal. Thanks!
  2. I use kill -3 (i.e. QUIT), after waiting much longer than the 10-minute config_save_interval. The last modified time on .sync/settings.dat is later than when I made the change to lan_encrypt_data.
  3. No matter how many times I set lan_encrypt_data to false on the 2.3.1 64-bit FreeBSD release, it reverts to true when I restart btsync. I've waited much longer than config_save_interval but the behavior remains the same.
  4. The bottleneck for sync speed will be your internet bandwidth. Sync does not impose bandwidth limits unless you tell it to. To keep folders where you want them, you need to read and understand the help guides for setting up Sync and managing folders, and recognize that you want to start all clients in Disconnected mode (if you're using Pro). This will give you the opportunity to choose where to place each shared folder. As for reliability, there's no such thing as bug-free software, so you should continue to maintain backups of everything you consider important, and start out syncing a subset of your data to see how it goes before you go all-in.
  5. I would say the major caveat is that a clean install may give better results than an upgrade, therefore, if you plan to use version 2 at some point, you might be better off starting with version 2 on the third machine and clean installing version 2 on the others.
  6. How did the links I posted fail to address the issues you raised?
  7. I don't work for BitTorrent, so I guess the "you" you're referring to is someone else.
  8. This is probably the best place to start: I haven't tried 2.0 yet, so this is just speculation, but my guess is that you'll have better luck completely removing Sync and all related data and doing a clean install of 2.0 on all devices. When I upgraded from 1.3 to 1.4 it was a disaster until I did that.
  9. I don't see what any of this has to do with File Versioning.
  10. Yes, sorry, I didn't notice you were using Ubuntu. The web interface is missing some features and you have to use a config file to manage them instead.
  11. Version 2.0 is not a minor upgrade from prior versions. And you probably want to choose door #2, since it's your first Sync 2.0 device.
  13. One of the key benefits of the identity model is to make it really easy to get any of your folders onto any of your devices. You can set devices with the same identity to not automatically sync everything, but if you want to restrict what's actually available to a device, as far as I know, a different identity is the only way.
  14. Yes, each peer will tell connected peers about the other peers it knows.