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  1. Offtopic: ChrisH, thanks for mentioning SyncThing, this looks like an interesting alternative for BT Sync.
  2. I'm afraid that they'll implement it in some enterprise version yet to be released.. But still hoping for some miracle!
  3. It would be great if it was possible to share to BTSync from other apps. Dropbox has the same feature 'Add to Dropbox' when sharing a file.
  4. +1 Also for Android devices as well.
  5. Can't figure out how to edit my own post, sorry for posting it separately: - Share to Bittorrent Sync from other apps! Really need this, Dropbox and other file sharing apps do support this and I'm missing it badly now I'm seriously using BTSync on my mobile device.
  6. Excellent performance, looking great! Will continue testing your service.
  7. - Filter / search for files (optional full tree filter / search)