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  1. There are 57 files in the "live" directory, 178 in the Archive directory, and 7 files which are common across both. It is possible that I have modified some of these 7 files, but I'm sure some of those 7 I haven't modified. I now notice too that some of the files in the Archive driectory are duplicates and end in .1.jpg or even (2).1.jpg
  2. I haven't deleted the files on either device.
  3. I only have two devices syncing currently.
  4. Thanks, but the files in the Archive directory haven't been deleted from my phone.
  5. Hi, on my Linux install of BTSync, in my phone camera backup directory most of the files are in the .sync/Archive directory. What is this for and why are they in there? Thanks, Jamie
  6. Thanks, but I get "invalid request". Is the API enabled/installed automatically?
  7. Hi, is it possible to get a folder key from a Linux installation without accessing the webui? Thanks, Jamie