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  1. I have the same problem. The version is 1.4.10025. The btsync is running on ubuntu VPS so I don;t have an access to the router. It worked before but stopped working after the reinstall. That means that this is not the router fault.
  2. This does not work. I downloaded a tar.gz. Started it. "bla bla bla forked to background". It created the .sync directory next to it with the bunch of files. But still nothing on my_ip:8888 Here is the .sync/sync.log There were no changes with the router. The machine is running on VPS. It worked before I tried the new verion. And I don't have a firewall on that machine.
  3. I have installed btsync using "sudo apt-get install btsync". It installed a bunch of files, but config app did not autostart! "dpkg-reconfigure btsync" works fine. but when I "service btsync start" It says "btsync: unrecognized service" UPDATE: I uninstalled the btsync and deleted all of its files. Now when I "apt-get install btsync" the config app does not autostart and webui does not show up after dpkg-reconfig.
  4. I I decided to start all over again. Kill all btsync processes. Apt-get remove. Search btsync and delete every last bit of btsync from the sytem. Then at-get install again. Now auto configure does not start. "Service btsync status" returns "unrecognied service"
  5. usr/lib/btsync-common/btsync-core I need to replace this file with btsync that you emailed me ? UPDATE: Tried this and any other combination of files. Every time I got "bla bla forked to background" and then nothing on my_ip:8888
  6. Thanks. I installed it on two windows machines, it work fine for now. but I am having trouble installing it on Rpi and ubuntu machines. I copied the files and started the service. It said "bla bla bla btsync forked to background" But I have nothing my_ip:8888, page not avaliable. Update. Some progress with RPi. After I done "Sudo killall btsync", "sudo dpkg-reconfigure btsync". sudo ./btsync. the webpage finally loads a white screen. I checked the html source and fuound this. <div id="noload" style="position:fixed; top:0px; height:100%; left:0px; width:100%; background:white; padding:40px;"> <br> <div> Your system was unable to load BitTorrent Sync properly. For information on how to fix this issue, please see the <a href="">Sync Knowledge Base</a>.Update 2. I waited a couple of minutes and it finally loaded on Rpi. It works but with same Out of the sync problem. Then I checked the version and it is old 1.4.103 ! I dont understand how it is possible. I have deleted the btsync file on Rpi and put there newly downloaded btsync from tar.gz. Still nothing on ubuntu machine
  7. Can I have the build please. I am so tired of that our of sync error. I have Windows and RPi in LAN, Ubuntu and windows remotely. The link between Rpi and windowses is frequently is our of sync. For some folders it works fine, some folders got out of sync. No problems with ubuntu machine. Thanks
  8. I have couple of hundreds GB of data on several machines running btsync. I also want to access them from android phone. Obviously I don't want t sync all data to the phone. I want download some files on demand (dropbox style). I tried to use the folder in NON auto-sync mode, in this case is does not work. In auto-sync mode is tries to download whole folder. When the auto-sync is off there is Synchronized label under the folder name, which seems not logical. It is not synchronized, just a couple of files were downloaded. One more issue. I have one more folder on the phone with as little as 50 Mb of data. This folder is on auto-sync. Now the data in this folder is perfectly in sync on all devices. But for some reason under this folder there is a label Sending. But it is not sending anything and it should not! Its already in sync. Just in case you ask - yes I have read the manual.