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  1. Would've been a good idea to stop distributing the 2.5 version, just upgraded my home equipment and bam, nothing works anymore. Only one peer is online and thats a very remote friend of me. Is there an easy way to roll back to 2.4 through apt/deb?
  2. Hi, is there any page detailing about the exact differences and limitations on encrypted folders? UI wise I can see no reason not to pick encrypted folder instead of standard folders every time. Also encrypted folders are displayed as "Standard folder", but offer an encrypted key, which adds to the confusion. So why would I avoid encrypted folders at all? PS: Would it be possible to add "Copy Encrypted key" option in the three-dot-context menu?
  3. Would it be possible to get all shares listed and openable in the context menu of the notification icon? Going through the GUI is pretty... slow.
  4. A simple solution for this would be which would be your first idea right? But you must ensure: a) Backups of the synced data (until btsync2 proved to be stable) Ensure propper access rights through SMB/AFS c) Be prepared for conflicts as there is no locking information transfered
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Also the EULA includes companies and legal entities in the term "yours", so it would seen to be one license for the whole company, as the legal entity would be the subscriber and company's entity, which is also the user (identity). Also it does not define what a "user identity" is, so if you just use the same identity on all machines inside the company, it seems to be ok.
  6. Seems like it yes, will check in detail on the weekend I guess!
  7. Result from a QNAP-469L, with the 85 x64 version [~] # /etc/init.d/ stopBTSync isn't running[~] # /etc/init.d/ startStarting btsync service/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/BitTorrentSync/btsync: error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32[~] # uname -aLinux NAS 3.4.6 #1 SMP Tue Feb 17 05:18:39 CST 2015 x86_64 unknown
  8. Mostly Mac and Windows. Some Mac users started using * in folder names, and the picture library does have leading or trailing spaces in file and folder names.
  9. Hi, how does the 2.x version handle invalid file names that can occur between the different OSes? Dropbox describes the own behaviour in pretty detail, but I could not find anything on btsync
  10. I've got no problem paying for a reliable and maintained solution with priority support, but right now it just feels... rushed and unsafe. NAS solution not working (all files are there) and the clients run in trial mode, with nothing to evaluate. Still alot of small counter-intuitive, un-assisted procedures (moving/adding existing folders) and missing basic functionallity (remove/rename identities, elaborate and human-understandable error messages with actual solutions, single file sharing). I hope they get up-to-speed with the bugfixes and improvements, because thats the only reason I would even pay for it.
  11. I do not remember if I ever had 1.x on the QNAP, but it was not installed when I installed the 2.x version. I also submitted a ticket for this, containing three logfiles, ticket is #19665. The only thing that looks remotely comprehensible in the QNAP logfile and could indicate a problem is: [20150304 09:38:08.499] FC[6FD7]: started periodic scan for "/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/BitTorrentSync/Programme"[20150304 09:38:08.500] FC[6FD7]: file updated - processing file /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/BitTorrentSync/Programme/ t:1425457833 s:22 id:64768:2883604[20150304 09:38:08.500] FC[6FD7] (R/O): new file "/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/BitTorrentSync/Programme/". SkippingNot sure why it is skipping, but i guess (R/O) means read-only? The was never transfered to two other (working) PCs. Otherwise, after some runtime (some minutes) there are alot of those: [20150304 09:38:08.543] assert failed /mnt/jenkins/workspace/Build-Sync-x86-glibc23/TunnelConnection.cpp:286Otherwise, the should have been sent to (main PC, working and syncing to Laptop). The only thing I can see in the QNAP logfiles regarding this IP is: [20150304 09:28:05.446] PD[6FD7] [0A2B]: Send ping to peer[20150304 09:28:05.446] PD[6FD7] [0A2B]: ping[20150304 09:28:05.446] PD[6FD7] [0A2B]: Checking tunnel connection to peer, transport: TCP, endpoint:[20150304 09:28:05.451] PD[5B66] [0A2B]: Failed to open TCP tunnel, endpoint:, status: "Connection refused", encryption: SRP[20150304 09:28:05.451] PD[738C] [0A2B]: Failed to open TCP tunnel, endpoint:, status: "Connection refused", encryption: TLS[20150304 09:28:05.451] PD[0A06] [0A2B]: Failed to open TCP tunnel, endpoint:, status: "Connection refused", encryption: TLS[20150304 09:28:05.451] PD[6FD7] [0A2B]: Failed to open TCP tunnel, endpoint:, status: "Connection refused", encryption: TLSThe PC itself had no problem registering and listening to this port though: [2015-03-04 09:28:41] UPnP(XP): Removed TCP port 0[2015-03-04 09:28:41] UPnP(XP): TCP port 29431 -> mapped successfully.[2015-03-04 09:28:41] UPnP(XP): UDP port 29431 -> mapped successfully.Also the Laptop (different location connected over wan) had no problems connecting to the PC itself: [2015-03-04 09:29:10] PD[0A06] [0A2B]: ping[2015-03-04 09:29:10] PD[0A06] [0A2B]: Checking tunnel connection to peer, transport: TCP, endpoint:[2015-03-04 09:29:10] SSLEH[0x0edd56a0]: hello packet { share:XYZ } has been sent[2015-03-04 09:29:10] SSPI[0x0a42e770]: Create SSPI encryption holder
  12. Most consumer grade QNAP systems work with the x86 packages only (even if "uname -a" tells you something about x86_64). x86 "works" with my TS-469L but... well... it does not sync anything, even though it should. Also be careful what folder you choose as share root directory. The default suggestion is "/share" which is very bad for the 4xx series, as this path is not(!) linked to the installed HDDs. The installed HDDs space is mounted to one of the "/share/CACHEDEV?_DATA" folders, so try to keep the folders in there.