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  1. server version v1.4.75 all sync function is work (all local share folder can be synced to server) just click the "..." to set the task preference or remove it will crash. No idea how to resolve it. and don't know how to get the 1.4.75 from google play (any beta available)?
  2. Welcome. Please also notice that same issue occur in arm build also. I tested on WD Mycloud FW 3.x and got the same result and using the same method to resolve the problem.
  3. Your provided guide is useful, thank you very much. If possible I will and I should not want to perform such procedure to fix my problem and let the DSM manage the packages. However, the fact is the latest version may have this issue on some / many Synology NAS so I need to hack the sync.conf file to accept the EULA. I suggested the synocommunity to remove the login and password creation during install in order to avoid the issue if possible.
  4. My device: RedMi Note HK version FW version: MIUI-JDHMIBF30.0 Android version: 4.2.2 JDQ39 BTsync client: V1.4.44 Case: 1. Open btsync 2. Take photo from QRcode to get secret 3. Sync folder created 4. Click ... to this sync folder, the btsync crash and go back to launcher screen. Is this a bug? What can I do? I cannot delete this share folder link now....
  5. For Syno NAS case there is my tentative solution: For others platform, I suggest try to execute the btsync directly through ssh, or do not add any user & password in sync.conf file and let the btsync to create the user and accept the eula during first login.
  6. My sharing on resolving the captioned issue:
  7. Many users like me may encounter problem when installing the latest version of btsync app package that coming from spk source: . The main problem is the user cannot accept the EULA forever and cause the btsync malfunction. After investigation, I found out that the 1.4.x version of btsync in arm / linux platform may have an issue if running btsync with config file that include user and password information and cause the user cannot accept eula, even checked the box. Here is the work out on this issue, hope can help you all: 1. Uninstall the btsync to clean up all app folders; 2. Install the btsync from the source : 3. During installation, enter the btsync device name, user and password, then click next 4. **Important Step** Uncheck "Run after installation", click Next, then click OK 5. Go to Synology control panel to enable SSH if not enabled yet 6. Use putty (windows) / ssh (osx/linux) to login your NAS with user root and admin password 7. After enter ssh, type the command "su btsync" 8. Type the command "vi sync.conf" to edit the file, add "//" to comment the config setting as following sample: { "device_name": "NAS", "storage_path" : "/usr/local/btsync/var", "pid_file" : "/usr/local/btsync/var/", "webui" : { "listen" : "" // , // "login" : "login", // "password" : "password" } } Please remember in the listen line, add the "//" before the "," 9. Type "ZZ" to save the file 10. Go to Syno app manager, start / run the package 11. Go to web site http://192.168.x.x:8888, enter user name, password x2, check eula 12. Try add folder, if you see all the folder, BINGO! 13. Additional info: If your NAS only have single volume (most of NAS use this setting), you can add the following setting after "password" line and before "}": (beware need add the "," at start of this line). Restart the btsync app afterward. This setting may help you to pick up the share folder more easily. ,"directory_root" : "/volume1/" That's all.....hope can help you all.
  8. I found out v1.4.x of btsync have a bug / issue on specify config file with supply the login username and password so cause the btsync spk that download from community not work for most user. I will write a guide in troubleshooting page to explain how to overcome this issue.
  9. Additional info: When I click on History, then click Download debug info, it prompt: { "error": "Need to agree with the license", "status": 500 }
  10. Hi all, I just installed btsync to Synology NAS (DS-211j,DS-212j) @ 9 Aug 2014 through the app source . Here is my install and login procedure: 1. During installation, the appstore will ask some questions and I answered as following: Devince Name: XXXNAS2 (Same name of the NAS) Login: admin (Same as Synology Admin login) Password: <password> (Same as Synology admin login password) 2. Afterward, I go to <ipaddress>:8888 through the chrome, and the btsync required me login again, I typed the same user name and password as point 1 ; 3. After login, see the btsync main screen, and I had tried to click the add folder, and nothing can be selected and added, like the attached screen. Even I added some folders rights to users group also no help. Please help me to resolve this issue if anyone have some idea. Thanks.