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  1. any timeline for next official build? a sync software which is not synchronizing, this let me think about alternatives
  2. where I can get this experimental version for Windows Vista - Raspberry - Ubuntu ? Or bring it as regular version as soon as possible. All my pairings are out of sync
  3. got out of sync problems with 110 between Windows Vista - Raspberry - Ubuntu in History all files will be updated, but that's not true, changed files will not be exchanged between my computers experimental version available for this tree systems? Frank
  4. can I install it on windows2000 or vista? Which package I shall use and where can I download it? Download-Page for XP seems not to have the download option anymore :unsure: Frank
  5. Hi, users are dangerous. On my linux box I want to delete ppa to install new version manually in future. I did a mistake and binary folder was deleted. No problem, download the latest binary, install it manually and start btsync again everything fine, noch check the gui and I got the welcome empty screen and was prompted for user informations (user + password) btsync was started with same config file, which was untouched what was happend? how can I backup btsync settings (peer + folder informations + keys) I could restore my keys from backup, recreate peer again, but have to do some work for it. I want to be prepared with a backup, easy to reinstall, but which files I have to backup? Frank
  6. sounds great and useful @GreatMarko, I can't believe this is the true reason, because problem only occurred on windows peerit started immediatly after windows connect to this peerthunderbird is not running on this windows peersysinternal can not find any used handle on this windows peerthunderbird was running on a linux box all the time (for month), none of the other linux peers had any problem with syncing thunderbird files while it is runningI stopped thunderbird and was waiting, but windows still says "locked files"I rebooted windows peer, but nothing happend, still "locked files"Frank
  7. hi, send debug logs to eMail adress hmm, some entries don't look fine [2014-11-18 22:04:20] FC[7482]: LoadTorrent: requesting to load file .thunderbird\rhpkxqfr.elena\downloads.sqlite which is busy on disk - rejecting until file info is updated [2014-11-18 22:42:59] MC[7482] [b899]: failed to verify signature of remote file .thunderbird\rhpkxqfr.elena\prefs-1.js, aborting
  8. same be my peers, only one is reporting locked files and this is my only peer running with Windows (Vista)
  9. @RomanZ, I done it, only 3 handles are hold for my documents folder (no file within this folder) explorer 2x btsync why btsync is telling me, he can't sync 14 locked files Frank
  10. hmm, nobody have any hint or tips for me?
  11. after reboot and hours still the same what can I do? how to exclude this files without knowing them? I only want to sync documents folder
  12. using btsync now for some month today first install in windows vista btsync 1.4.103 all seems to be fine. I entered a link for a "read/write" peer after full syncing and using this system I got an red error in browser gui "Status 14 locked files" with mouse over I got an bubble message "locked files cannot be synced" I found no way to check which files are target where can I find a list of this files ? who is locking this files? Only Firefox is running, no other applications Frank
  13. hmm, don't looks good Data now be synced again, that's just I not wanted
  14. Hi, my used sync folder (Linux, Raspberry) was located within a to small partition. Now I want to move this folder to another usb-device. I tried to set a symbolic link from old place to new location, but get an error in btsync (browser) gui How can I move sync folder without deleting peer and recreate it. I don't want to resync 10 GB with 3-4 clients over small network again any hints, tips are welcome Frank
  15. ok, thanks for the hint hopping for soon ETA for me a critical bug , if not all files are synced and no error seen anywhere actually a death sentence for any sync software
  16. Hi, maybe I'm using an exotic constellation btsync is running in ubuntu vm, this vm is using files from an old xp vm (on same laptop), filesystem NTFS btsync should sync this data to other ubuntu systems and an raspberry pi Now I noticed that all files using german letters (äöü...) are not synced If I rename one of this file not using german letters file is synced immediately. I read this hint on support page: Ubuntu can use this files and filenames without any problem, why btsync agent can use this file for syncing, running on same ubuntu system? Files with german letters and hosted by an ubuntu system on EXT filesystem, can synced without any problems How can I sync files with german letters from NTFS from my old xp vm? Should I ran btsync agent on xp for this files? Will this help for german letters? If this help, how can I reuse read+write-key on xp system from my ubuntu vm? I can't use xp as another peer, because ubuntu and xp using same directory !!! I don't want to create a new key and delete old peer connections, which will have to resync again all other peers any help is welcome Frank