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  1. Same here. After sticking to version 2.5.12 for a while where this issue doesn't exist, I upgraded to 2.6.3 1340 where the changelog states that this issue is fixed, but it is NOT! Again had a bunch of files that were resetted to 0kb. This is really unacceptable - how to trust in a tool that actually deletes your data?!
  2. I just downgraded to version 2.5.12 and it seems that the issue doesn't exists there. Before I had 2.6.1 where the issue existed.
  3. Same issue here again. Just had to recover dozens of files from the .archive folder because all new files were overwritten by empty 0kB files. This is extremely annoying and makes Resilio Sync useless and even dangerous for data security.
  4. hi, sorry for my late response! yes, i restarted Sync after setting "disk_low_priority" to true. in fact i have set this value for a long time, because i always had these kinds of performance issuses with Sync. the folders i am syncing are quite big, about 350GB and 150 000 files. therefore i understand that the indexing takes some time, but why can't it be at a lower priority and therefore not making my pc unusable in the meantime? all the synced files are on a HDD, while the system is on a SSD, therefore i also do not understand why the HDD operations should make the pc so slow.
  5. hi, i have version 2.3.6 (378) of btsync running and i have the problem, that indexing somehow needs too much resources of my pc. directly after start of btsync task manager shows relatively high cpu consumtion of btsync (about 30%) - see "processes.png". however, the pc works fine at this moment. the strange thing is, that after about a minute cpu usage of btsync drops to about 5% (see "processes2.png"), but now the pc is becoming nearly unusable. all reactions are very slow and e.g. videos in browser are hardly working anymore. if i stop btsync, then after some moments everything is fin
  6. Hi! I have BitTorrent Sync version 1.4.103 on my Synology DS214se and unfortunately it prevents the harddisks from hibernation, as many other described in this forum, what can I do? Thank you!