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  1. I'm getting the same problem on v1.4.103 win8.1 & raspberry pi and android.
  2. I've managed to narrow the origin of the 0kb files down to my Samsung Note 10.1 tablet running Android 4.1.2 with sync V1.4.63.0 When sync is running on this machine any move or deletion of .jpg files from any folder on any of my machines results in a 0kb file being created. When I turn sync off on the Note the 0kb files are not created on any of the machines. My Samsung S4 phone with Android 4.4.2 and sync v1.4.63.0 with exactly the same synced folders does not cause 0kb files when it is switched on. I also tested moving .doc, .pdf and .exe files when the Note Sync was running and 0kb files a
  3. I have had tuxpoldo's server version running on my Rpi for a long time now, mostly problem free, but since the last two? updates I've been having lots of problems. Is there any way to reinstall earlier versions of the unofficial server package like V1.4.0-3 ? I tried `which sudo` apt-get install btsync=1.4.0-3 for example but I get unable to locate package errors. Does this mean that old packages are removed from the server when new ones are added?
  4. I'm having the same problem. My setup is three android devices on v1.4.63.0 and one win8.1 PC on V1.4.103, one XP PC on V1.4.103 and a raspberry pi server with 2tb hdd always on, V1.4.103. My setup has been running fine for the past year or so and I've regularly updated the software, however about a month ago I noticed the 0kB files appearing in my photo directories. If I delete or move a picture on any of my devices it is replaced with a 0kB file of the same name on all devices. The 0kB files are a pain to remove as they keep coming back. Strange thing is I just tried deleting a pdf file i