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  1. +1 Already wondered quite often why that feature doesn't exist. Would be really useful if there are a lot of folders.
  2. I've updated my workstation, server and notebook to 2.3.6, but I still seem to have the same problem. It's quite annoying that the server is constantly indexing the folders. I assume it's due to the folder count and size compared to the other machines, which just have a subset of those. The CPU and HDD of the server are never idle due to the indexing. Even more annoying is the reduced battery life on my notebook due to the frequent indexing of Sync. Feel like rolling back to 2.2.7, but before that I'll send you the log files of my server, maybe that will help solving the issues. I guess I'll just paste the link to this thread in the help request?
  3. I seem to have a similar problem on some of my computers after updating from 2.2.7 to 2.3.5. The indexing on 2.3.5 (365) seems quiet frequent (on most of my devices) and taking long compared to 2.2.7. It's not stopping to index at all on my "Server". ___ - On my Workstation (Win 8.1, i7-2600k, 24 GB RAM) with a subset of all my folders (19 folders, ~360 GB), everything seems to work like before. CPU (0-0,2% usage when not indexing and closed UI) and RAM usage (~190 MB) of BTsync is normal, indexing is finished quite fast stressing one logical CPU core (12,5% CPU usage). - On my Notebook (Win 8.1, Thinkpad Yoga S1, i5-4200u, 8 GB RAM) with most of my folders (22 folders, ~600 GB), it seems BTsync is constantly doing something. CPU (almost constantly around 0,2-2% usage when not indexing and closed UI), RAM usage (~250 MB) indexing takes quite long and stressing again one logical CPU core (25% CPU usage). This behavior is quite annoying, since it's draining my battery quite fast! - On my "Server" (Win7, Core2Quad Q6600, 3 GB RAM) with all of the folders (26 folders, ~890 GB) BTsync is constantly indexing the same four folders that are syncing with my sisters MacBook Pro (I have to check which version of BTsync is running on that device) even though her Notebook is offline at the moment. CPU usage (constantly 12-15% usage) and RAM usage (~830 MB) is also quite high, but no wonder if it's constantly indexing. Is there anything I can do to stop the constant indexing of those four folders? - On my Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505, 5.0.1) everything is finally working fine since the last update to 2.3.5 (480), since before that it was constantly indexing there. Even syncing to the 128 GB SD Card! - On my sisters MacBook Pro (still have to check the BTsync version there), with a small subset of the folders (4 folders, ~260 GB), I have no idea if BTsync is running properly. ___ I guess I should have stayed with the old version (2.2.7) as well. But before I'm going to revert to that one, I'd like to know if there is some other solution that I could try. Should I send logs? If yes, from which devices? How big should my log file size be with 890 GB of files?
  4. Are developers working on restoring the ability to sync to an external SD card on Android 5 Lollipop? I wanted to upgrade to the Pro version of Sync 2.0, but why pay for a new version that has less of my desired features than my still existing combination of Sync 1.4 + Android 4.3 JellyBean (respectively a rooted Android 4.4 KitKat with an SDfix)? I'd like to know if this problem is being worked on, otherwise I guess I'm forced to check out other software or root my phones (which I don't really wanna do as long as they are still in warranty). I'd prefer to continue using BT Sync though, as it's a perfect solution for my needs aside from the SD card problem, even if it means paying for the Pro version. It would be very kind of you to give us some updates on that issue and maybe write some more info about it in the FAQ. Not just as a small paragraph in the end of the [How to Back up data (Android only)] article [], but also if there are plans to restore that feature or what workarounds exists (rooting) for people who really want it.
  5. Hi everyone! I just discovered the same problem yesterday with a Samsung Galaxy S 5 (SM-G900F) with Android 5.0 Lollipop (G900FXXU1BNL9). I was getting that new phone + a 128GB SanDisk Ultra SD Card, hoping that on Android 5 the handling of the external SD Card would work like in pre 4.4 Android versions. If I wanna sync an existing folder with read/write from my PC to the phone, by scanning the QR-Code and chose /mnt/extSdCard/[syncfolder] it tells me I don't have permissions to write to this folder. Is there any solution to this problem? Is there some setting I'm missing? BT Sync is awesome! If it would just also work properly with external SD Cards on Android... Thanks in advance for any kind of feedback!