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  1. Still doesn't autostart 7 months later. Not sure how much development happens anymore with this product.
  2. Long time, lifetime BitTorrent Sync user. With Google announcing they are going to be charging for cloud photo storage, i was reminded i had setup my phone a long time ago to use Resilio sync. in the past i used it to save my photos to my own server so i didn't have to worry about compression or limitations on my photos/videos i had on my phone. I just noticed my mobile client is not running nor connected to my server. i launched the app and it started syncing months of photos. i have auto start-start enabled on the app but when i restart my phone the app never starts. I've tried disabling autostart, restarting my phone and re-enabling it and a few other combinations and the app will never auto start. I'm running android client 2.6.4 (8773) on an Samsung s10. any recommendations?
  3. Morning gents, just an update, I logged into my FreeNas box today and saw an update for BTSync. I ran the update, then launched the webgui, this time specifying that "this is my first BTS 2.0 device". soon as I clicked that I was looking at my sync folders. so I'm back to 100%. I'm currently running version 2.0.120
  4. Yes, GreatMarko. I've used Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. i have tried using my android phone as well as a laptop. all display the same. I feel all i need to do is somehow reset the wizard and not close out of it and my problem would be fixed. it would be nice if the wizard didn't force you to setup links from the beginning. This forum makes it really difficult to reply if you can only make one post per 24 hours...
  5. Hello, I am new to the forum. I have been running BTSync for around 4 months on my FreeNas box. Yesterday I noticed there was an update available for the Plugin. I went ahead and updated and afterwards i logged into the webgui. I was prompted with the same welcome wizard you get when installing BTSync on a client machine. At the end of the wizard it asks you if you want to create new 2.0 links or you already have one. I chose I already had one but after selecting that option i relies i didn't see the option i wanted. i hit the back or close button and my screen turned to a gray background with a thin line in the shape of a box. I can't seem to get out of this. I have rebooted my NAS box and reset the plugin service. I have tried getting the to webgui page though different browsers and even different pc's. still no change. My links still work but I am unable to add new or do any administration over them. I would rather not have to uninstall/re-install and recreate my links. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated! FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201504152200 btsync-2.0.105-amd64