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  1. But I have changed nothing in my settings - I'm getting loads of btsa and btsi on every system. Do I have to manually go to each system and delete these files?
  2. Hi - when I delete files, I now see the file reappear with a "btsi" extension. How do I stop these appearing please?
  3. Better than I'm getting! It's painfully slow.
  4. I have used BT Sync for a while now without issue. However, today, while out a friend contacted me to ask if I had deleted files from a shared folder we use to collaborate on his book ... I came back to find that my machine had deleted over 1TB of music (I'm a DJ) that I sync between two machines - a primary and a backup; all of the book files; a 'common' folder that I share between my machines and iPad and another I use to store images. Something went very seriously wrong today while I was out ... beware! I'm currently recovering files from a backup. Nightmare!