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  1. I have started using Resilio, but these stories give me pause.... especially if files get deleted simply because one PC was down a few days. Is everyone having this problem running Resilio 2.6.3? Are these problems limited to running Resilio on machines other than Windows? I'm wondering if an all Windows network might be more stable than syncing between other OS, like Unix which doesn't have the same level of time/date stamps.
  2. A free program called CCleaner has a tool which allows you to disable context menu items.
  3. Here is a screen shot showing my exact file/folder setup. The pane on the left shows the "Settings" folder which always disappears. The pane in the center shows the folders withing the "Settings' folder. The pane on the right shows the contents of one of the subfolders in the "Settings" folder. I have tried to rename the "test" folder to another name, such as "test hold", let that sync, then rename to "Test" (uppercase) and that works more often, but not reliable. I also tried turning off the trash option on all PCs (thinking the problem might be related to moving an archived version back
  4. Yes. First I had both PCs at version 2.5.13 and it failed. Then I upgraded both to RC 2.6, exited and restarted them, and the problem persists.
  5. Start with a setup like this with both the originating PC and the peer being Windows 10 PCS: Sync folder ---- "Test" folder with files in it. ------An "Under Test" subfolder (with files in it) under the "Test" folder. Let this be synced with a peer. Rename "Test" folder to "test". Let the rename sync the change (all is good) Rename "test" folder back to "Test" Consistently the "Under Test" subfolder and it's file are deleted on both the originating PC and the peer. So changing case on a folder (not the sync folder, but a folder under the sync folder) back a