New Advanced Settings Of 1.4 - Documentation? Questions?


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While adapting the btsync-gui to BitTorrent Sync 1.4 I discovered that the method get_prefs returns a plenty of new settings not visible in the Windows/Mac versions:

{"bt.dl_queue_factor": "4","bt.extra_ul_max": "10","bt.extra_ul_rand": "128","bt.few_pieces_thres": "4","bt.http_pending_limit": "4","bt.prio_piece_thres": "20","bt.sequential_download": 0,"bt.sequential_files": 0,"bt.ul_queue_factor": "2","choker.interval": "10","choker.interval_auto": 1,"choker.interval_optim": "30","config_refresh_interval": "3600","connect_more_peers_interval": "1","device_name": "debpoldo - leo","disk_low_priority": 1,"diskio.rsize_factor": "16","download_limit": 0,"external_port": "0","folder_defaults.delete_to_trash": 1,"folder_defaults.known_hosts": "","folder_defaults.use_dht": 0,"folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast": 1,"folder_defaults.use_relay": 1,"folder_defaults.use_tracker": 1,"folder_rescan_interval": "600","initial_install_version": "0","isp.peer_policy_date": "","isp.peer_policy_expy": "*1409589468","lan_encrypt_data": 1,"lang": 28261,"lang_iso": "en","listening_port": 62686,"log_size": "*10","max_file_size_diff_for_patching": "1000","max_file_size_for_versioning": "1000","net.diffserv_codepoint": "-1","peer.lazy_bitfield_factor": "24","peer.lazy_bitfield_mode": "0","peer.lazy_bitfield_nohave": "0","peer_expiration_days": "7","profiler_enabled": 0,"queue.started_bonus": "0","queue.switchtime": "60","queue.switchtime_prio": "300","rate_limit_local_peers": 0,"recv_buf_size": "10","reset_file_error_interval": "60","s_url": "","sdur": "0","send_buf_size": "10","sid1": "0","sid2": "0","sid3": "0","sid4": "0","sid5": "0","smaxage": "0","sminage": "0","smode": "0","ssamper": "0","state_notify_interval": "10","stitle": "","streaming.failover_rate_factor": "200","streaming.failover_set_percentage": "100","streaming.safety_factor": "110","sync_max_time_diff": "600","sync_state_with_peer_interval": "10","sync_trash_ttl": "30","ul_rate_download_thres": "0","update_peer_stat_interval": "10","upload_limit": 0,"upnp_cached_host": "","use_upnp": 1}

Question Nr. 1: Does it make sense to display/support them in the GUI?
Question Nr. 2: Is there any documentation for all these new settings?

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Does that mean you'll remove them from the get_prefs output or add them to the UI?


I read that to mean that the prefs will be removed from the get_prefs output in the next builds as they are "internal" parameters not designed to be accessible by users/via the API and were exposed via the get_prefs call by mistake.


(Out of interest, have you tried changing any of these via set_prefs and read them back again via get_prefs to see if they can actually be changed?)

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