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I've Encountered a Sync Issue. How Can I Get Help?

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Dear community, there are 3 primary sources to help resolve your Sync issues:

Help Center
A vast collection of articles about Sync, its internals, and what is more important - how to troubleshoot it. As Sync constantly improves, we update the Help Center so it will reflect the latest Sync features and ways to deal with issues.

Sync Community
and this particular subforum, dedicated to troubleshooting. Our forum community is very helpful in advising on issue resolution, and it's quite likely that your issue may have already been addressed - so be sure to use the search function to find answers to your issues. Support engineers also frequent the forum to answer questions and provide guidance, though if you want to turn to support directly -

Sync Tech Support
is available both via web form and directly from within the application. Our response time depends on amount of support requests currently in the queue, though we'll do our best to response your questions and issues promptly.

When you are contacting Support, please follow next steps:
1. Describe your issue and environment you run. Screenshots and videos are very welcomed as they significantly simplify understanding of your issue by support engineers.
2. In majority of cases we'll need your debug logs. So if you collect them in advance - it can speed up issue analysis and resolution.
3. Follow further Support instructions.

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