Folders dissapearing and stuck indexing after re-adding

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I've got tons of issues with the latest version (2.3.3), the biggest one being that folders are suddenly disappearing from BTS all the time after a restart. When re-adding them, indexing will get stuck after a few GB's. I've noticed that if I quit all other clients (so it can't sync the new folder) indexing will finish properly.

I've already downgraded to 2.2.7 because of this and the issue of BTS constantly indexing, using up 100% CPU draining my battery (there is already another topic about this).

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Apparently, settings are not saved when you quit Sync and thus on next start folders are not loaded. So first of all make sure that you quit Sync correctly.

Also, it's advisable to update to Sync 2.4, and for your case, with settings and database being probably corrupted, I'd recommend reinstall with removing the settings. 

There are a lot of topics about it, actually, and in all of them we invite people to submit debug logs to support for proper analysis. 

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