[Solved] Can't access UI on Sinology


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I don't remember changing my password on Resilio on my Synology NAS but I am unable to log in.

I followed the directions in the "how do I reset the Web UI" article on the support site but it did not change anything.  I still get prompted for a user/password and I cannot get past this screen. It is not prompting me for a NEW username/password -- it is acting just like before.

How else can I get back into the UI?


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I've just rechecked and it works as expected: stop Sync, delete settings.dat and settings.dat old from storage. On Synology it is /usr/local/resiliosync/var/

start Sync and you get prompted for new password:

Set new password, check the two checkboxes and hit 'get started', at this point you're prompted for password again: enter your new one


In your case, perhaps, settings were not deleted from storage. 

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  • 7 years later...

Those directories don't exist on my Synology.  Closest I found was /volume1/@appstore/resiliosync/var

Only problem is that even when using my admin credentials it still says "Permission Denied"  I tried renaming and removing it.  both returned the same notice.

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